Calling all couples! It’s time to get your Halloween game on point for this year’s festivities. We called in the adorable Alicia Goad, our assistant buyer, and her husband Michael to rep our top five looks for you and your boo to choose from this year. Per our usual costume sourcing, we have something in here that you can pull directly from your closet, the ultimate DIY and of course something that you only need an Amazon Prime account to achieve.


1. Operation + Surgeon Couples Costume

Bringing this classic board game to life delivers comfort for the both of you, a hint of sexy and without a doubt a buzzing nostalgia!


What you need:

– felt (light + dark purple, light + dark brown, red, white)

– glitter craft foam

– gold pipe cleaner

– nude body suit

– red booty shorts

– clown nose

– tongs

– scrubs

– hot glue


For the patient costume, I cut the board game pieces out of felt and hot glued them to the body suit, mimicking the placement of the actual character in the game. For your surgeon, simply grab a pair of scrubs and tongs — I found these at our local Goodwill (score!).

2. Trainwreck Couples Costume


What you need:

– yellow strapless dress

– tux or suit

– paper bag + beer


This costume is definitely a potential rock-directly-from-your-closet look. Since this one is a little more understated, it will require you to play the part with your love throughout the night. Alicia and Michael’s acting game is going strong here!

3. Ghostbuster +  Marshmallow Man Couples Costume


What you need:

Ghostbusters Secret Wishes romper costume ($35)

Ghostbusters Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow man costume ($13)


For those of you who have no desire to make or creatively shop for your costume but still want a legit getup, look no further than this ’80s-inspired duo. The $30 spent on this inflatable Marshmallow man costume was *beyond* worth it! Everyone in the office was in hysterics as Michael did a circuit through the building doing his best marshmallow man impression. It is MASSIVE and hilarious to see in person. Michael said he was oddly refreshed from the built-in fan used to make this costume larger than life. For Alicia, how can you go wrong with this badass little romper?! Comfy and cute FTW.

4. Doug + Patty Mayonnaise Couples Costume


What you need:

– khaki shorts

– green sweater vest

– white t-shirt

– red shoes with white socks

– bald wig cap

– black craft foam

– blue sweater

– pink felt

– pink shoes with white socks

– yellow wig

– hot glue


Bringing Doug + Patty to life was so easy to do! I hit up a thrift store and found both sweaters. For Doug, I just cut the sleeves off of a green sweater to create the vest, and for Patty, I hot glued some pink felt circles onto hers. The wig from Chris March Wig Collection is sadly no longer available, but you can probably find something similar online, or maybe you can even find one from last year. Throw on a bald wig cap and glue a few pieces of black craft foam squiggles to create Doug’s hair, and don’t forget to give him his trademarked blushing cheeks with a little blush.

5. Netflix + Chill Couples Costume


What you need:

– foam board

– red spray paint

– white poster board

– black sharpie

– white dress and shoes

– blue wig

blue + white Ben Nye Creme ($8)

Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit ($25)


If you still aren’t quite sure what this means, let me break it down in a PG way for you: When youngsters these days ask one another if they want to “watch Netflix + chill,” they are implying that perhaps a makeout session is the cards. So obviously we had to get in on this uber punny DIY costume and add it to the mix for our hip creative couples. To get the look, I spray painted a piece of foam board a bright red and then cut out all the embellishments in white out using white poster board. Then I added the final touches with a black sharpie. Google “Netflix envelope” for a ton of images you can use to mimic.


For Chill, you can wear all white and top it off with this ice-like statement necklace, which you can DIY with items from our shop. To create this makeup look, you will add the Ben Nye Cream Makeup in Sky Blue ($8) to your eyebrows, lips and upper cheekbones. Blend in the Ben Nye Cream Makeup in White ($8) on your brow bones and slightly below the blue on your cheekbones. I even used the cream makeup on a mascara wand to frost the tips of her eyelashes. Be sure to set your face with a translucent powder to help keep your makeup from smearing.

These costumes are absolutely making me want to source a date immediately just so I can get in on these looks! Maybe I can squeeze in one of these with my mini who rocked it last year on our momma baby costumes photo shoot!

What other couples’ costumes would you guys like to see here on B+C? Let me know in the comments section below and I will make it happen for next year! Also, if you and your boo rock any of these looks this year, share images with us!

Creative Direction/Costume Styling/Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Chris Andre

Models: Alicia + Michael Cox