These days, parents seem to be giving their newborns more and more creative baby names. The birth of brand spankin’ new baby names was so high last year that there were over 1,000 (1,393 to be exact) first-timers according to the Social Security Administration’s extended name popularity list. Our friends over at Nameberry went and whittled the list down to a nice dozen for us to ogle and aww over. Check out some of the ones they think are the most creatively original below and let us know if you’d ever coin your little one with one of these unique baby names.

unique crazy baby names

1. Billion

2. Common

3. Dagger

4. Lay

5. Londynne

6. Mickinley

7. Payzley

8. Royaltee

9. Wimberley

10. Sadman

See the rest of these newly minted names and discover their meanings over at Nameberry.

What are your thoughts on these unique names? Let us know if you’ve got a favorite in the comments.