The claim: Using a damp beautyblender ($20) makeup sponge with loose powder will help set your under-eye concealer and avoid those rough-looking fine lines where products tend to clump and crease. I have always had dark under-eye circles, so concealer has been a must-have product in my makeup bag for years. The problem is, concealer always seems to settle into the pesky little lines under my eyes, leaving me looking old and tired. I was willing to give this potentially life-changing concealer tip a try, so I grabbed one of my favorite under-eye concealers and a loose setting powder and put this beauty mythbuster to the test.

STEP 1: Apply Concealer


The first step of this beauty hack is to apply concealer underneath your eyes to cover up any discoloration or dark circles. I used one of my favorite under-eye concealers, Glossier Stretch Concealer ($18), and applied it in upside-down triangles under my eyes.

STEP 2: Tap + Melt With Loose Powder


After you’ve applied your concealer, dip a damp beautyblender into a loose setting powder. I chose to use Sephora Collection Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder ($16) because of its brightening qualities and ability to keep makeup in its place. The beautyblender should be covered in loose powder, but not to the point that it’s layered in clumps on the makeup sponge. Give it a little tap to make sure excess powder falls off. If you use too much, it might look cakey.

Now, lightly tap the powder-covered beautyblender on top of your under-eye concealer. Make sure to do this step while the concealer is still slightly wet and hasn’t set yet. After you’ve applied the powder, don’t blend it in — just let it melt into your skin where those fine lines typically appear.



Yes! I definitely noticed that my concealer appeared smoother and crease-free after using this beauty hack. This is actually a form of the baking makeup trend that focuses on using the heat from your skin to help naturally set products on your face. You can see below there are NO creases underneath my eyes and zero makeup settling into fine lines.


That said, it was annoying to have to wait for 10 minutes, so I’m not sure how practical this method is in the mornings when we’re all rushing to get ready for work. I do think it’s worth the time to bake your makeup when you have an event or want your look to last extra long.

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