First came contouring, then came strobing (AKA highlighting), and now we’re coming at you with another technique that’s popping up across beauty vlogs everywhere. Introducing “baking.” Don’t worry, you can go ahead and leave your oven off — the only heat you’ll need is your body’s naturally warm temperature. Basically, the idea behind baking is to use the heat from your face to professionally set your base foundation and concealer.

The technique is already popular in the drag queen community and with Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovi, because it’s meant to hold up under hot lights. In a video explaining the technique, Australian makeup artist and beauty vlogger Heidi Hamoud shows us exactly how she uses the technique. If you don’t have time for Heidi’s 14-minute tutorial right this moment, here’s a basic rundown of Heidi’s steps:

1. Start by applying your foundation like normal.

2. Apply an under-eye cream. Heidi recommends Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream ($50). After applying that, let it soak in for a few minutes.

3. Apply a thick concealer using your ring finger. Blend and smooth using a teardrop blender.

4. Heidi then tops that with even more concealer. She uses Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($29). This is definitely a lot of makeup, and if you’re not comfortable with that much, she says you can totally skip this step. However, adding a second layer can work as a preventative measure to lock in that first application.

5. Use a triangle sponge to generously apply a translucent powder under your eyes. Heidi uses Laura Mercier Translucent Powder ($37). You can also dab it on under your cheekbones, in your T-zone and on your chin. And here’s where the “baking” happens: let that absorb, or “bake” for 10 minutes — the oils around your undereye should soak up some of the powder.

6. Gently apply a color pressed powder everywhere you’ve put on translucent powder. The colored powder should brush off the excess translucent powder and smooth things out all at the same time.

It may not be the way to go when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, but if you’ve had a long night and find yourself in need of some extra coverage that won’t disappear halfway through the day, adding some baking to your beauty routine could definitely be worth the extra effort.

Have you tried baking your makeup before? How did it work for you? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via Heidi Hamoud)