While Thanksgiving may rule most of the conversations that happen this month, November babies easily steal the spotlight away from this foodie holiday. Whether you want to celebrate the best parts of fall or you’re hunting for a baby name that means “thankful,” we’re spotlighting creative baby names that revel in the spirit of the season. Scroll on for 10 cozy and cute baby names perfect for your tiny tot.

DUMBARTON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 01: In this photo illustration, fallen autumn leaves form a backdrop for a portrait of a sleeping baby in Dumbarton's Levengrove Park, November 1, 2006 in Dumbarton, Scotland. An unseasonably mild October has delayed the arrival of Autumn. (Photo Illustration by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

November Boy Baby Names

1. Nathan: This Biblical name is tried and true. With nicknames like “Nat” and “Nate” to choose from, there’s no way to go wrong with Nathan.

2. Grayson: Often used as the masculine version of “Grace,” this baby name was made for November babies.

3. Ash: Most people might think of the Pokemon character when they hear this name, but we’re embracing another definition of ash: the tree. Sturdy and reliable, this name pays homage to nature.

4. Shakir: Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and we bet Shakir’s don’t either. This baby name, meaning “thankful,” might just inspire your little dude to become a dancer.

5. Matteo: Whether you’re springing for the more traditional “Matthew” or you have your heart set on “Matteo,” this baby name means “gift.” It’s also the super adorable baby on Jane the Virgin, which is definitely winning the fall TV season.

November Girl Baby Names

1. Autumn: This nature-inspired name brings to mind the gorgeous colors and weather of the fall season. With a name this creative, your kiddo can hold on to that imagery all year round.

2. Maize: Corn ruled the original Thanksgiving feast for the pilgrims, and there’s no reason it can’t rule your tiny tot’s life too. Short and sweet, plus ripe for nicknames, this name has it all.

3. Odelia: Cordelia and Delia might be more common variants of this name, but we love the musical flow of Odelia, which means “thanks to God” in Hebrew.

4. Mercy: Let the world know just how thankful you are to have your new baby in your life with a sweet and simple name that does all the work for you.

5. Fayda: As much as we love saying “cornucopia,” it’s not quite a name we’ve got at the top of our lists. Instead, we’re turning to “Fayda,” an uncommon yet stunning name that means “plentiful” in Arabic.

Got a perfect name in mind? Tell us about it in the comments!

(Photo via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)