This weekend marked the third annual Re:Make festival, a celebration of all things creative, hosted by yours truly, Brit + Co. Naturally, we were enamored with those celebs, makers and attendees who embodied the spirit of the two-day bash by showing up in insanely creative outfits (we’ll take this opportunity to name drop: MTV’s Todrick Hall and’s Jen Gotchslayed). We couldn’t help but want to share their seriously head-turning looks — think: bold accessories, clever layering and tons of color — so, we asked them to strike a pose and give us their best tips to putting together a statement-making outfit. Read on to see the most inspiring street style photos you’ll see all week that aren’t from NYFW.


1. Courtney Pilgrim, MyFriendCourt: “I wear a lot of black and white and then I wear colorful tights or fun bags or a statement something — a scarf, a hat. That’s how I mix it up.”


2. Danielle Scott: “It’s all about the energy that I have that day. If I’m feeling some type of way, I’m going to feel that through my clothes. I’m feeling a little lofty today.”


3. Jen Gotch, Founder + CCO, “My everyday and my creative outfits are the same outfits. I try and figure out how can I get a compliment today on my outfit — it’s an easy thing to do, if you just wear some pattern, a graphic tee, pins or bright lipstick. Mine is NARS Schaip — it’s like a chaparral pink, a bright pink times 10.”

4. Jordan Ferney, Oh Happy Day: “I dress creatively when I think about it. I want it to be comfortable and I want it to be flattering on my body — and I put on red lipstick when I want to be creative. It makes a big difference. I wear a few different reds — today it’s NARS Heatwave.”


5. Lisa Raphael, Editorial Director, Brit + Co: “Patterns, colors, statement pieces! I like to do a mix of fun pieces that I know that people will have questions about and be like, ‘That’s awesome, Where did it come from?!’ I like to wear pieces that tell a story, like these pants that I found in a shop tucked away in LA’s Abbot Kinney neighborhood, made by makers in Uganda.”


6. Jennifer Moyers: “Stay warm, stay comfortable, but wear what you want. These pants were very comfortable. I just throw them on — they’re my brunch pants. My beanie, I threw on from my friend’s car. I like the way it looks and it keeps my ears warm.”


7. Todrick Hall, Social Media Influencer: “I come from a Broadway background. I would say that owning the outfit is more important than putting together a cohesive outfit. If you feel confident in it and you exude personality and confidence with everything you do, then people around you will buy it. Oftentimes, my idea of fashion is very different from the people around me and my friends. *I* don’t go anywhere without a ridiculous backpack because I collect cool backpacks. People always tag me on social media with bags and they’re like ‘Oh, Toddy Rockstar could pull this off,’ then I go find it and usually get it. The one I have today is a Jeremy Scott original, a huge glove that I wear over my shoulder.”


8. Bonnie McKee, Singer/Songwriter: “Depends on what your vibe is. But you gotta have a little bit of sparkle, you gotta show a little skin, in my opinion, and change it up — do something a little different every time.”


9. Iris Lin, Product Designer: “It’s about collecting quality pieces that stand out and will also last a couple of years — nothing that follows seasonal trends, because those are really temporary anyway. Also, when I was younger, I only wore dark clothes, and wearing colors is really freeing. Black will only ever say one thing about you, and color, patterns and prints let you express yourself a lot more.”


10. Randi Cross, PapiDrinksWine: “Just go with what you like wearing. When you wake up, put it on.”

11. JaEvon Marshall, Scratch Workshops: “It’s good to keep the weather in mind when you’re dressing. Also, like Chanel said, you should always take off your last accessory, then just go with it.”


12. Taylor Reid, Western Editions: “You can’t go wrong with denim.”


13. Chanel Cartier: “For me, I really like to add a lot of metal to my outfits. If I’m feeling lazy and just put on a t-shirt, as long as I put on a couple of necklaces, I feel put together. I also like to add pins that reflect my cat-lover nature.”


14. Brittany Veal: “I like to just go with how I’m feeling that day. If you wake up and see that it’s a nice, sunny day, you should dress accordingly. If it’s not, you gotta dress in more neutral tones. Today I was feeling pretty good, really relaxed, and to me, it’s still summer, so I had to wear this hat.”

What tips do you have for putting together a more creative outfit? Tell us in the comments below.

Photography: Kurt Andre