In case you haven’t noticed, we kind of have a thing for Pillsbury doughs. Especially the crescent variety. After all, when the weather gets cold, there’s nothing like baking to instantly heat up your space… And we’re not just talking cookies and pies!

Seems like everywhere around the blogosphere, everyone is wowed by the around-the-clock recipe possibilities of crescent dough. So once again, it’s time to pull out that tube from the back of your fridge and bust it open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack. Let’s get our buttery-yum crescent creations on!

1. Easy Lemon Sweet Rolls: What is it about lemon that instantly steps a recipe up a notch? Whip these up for a tasty breakfast zinger served hot or cold. (via Crazy For Crust)

2. Mini Cake Batter Cinnamon Buns: A new spin on an old classic, these colorful treats are sure to crack a smile on even the sourest of your not-a-morning-person pal’s face. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

3. Cake Batter Crumb Crispies: Another cake batter delight! We heart these fun, bright crispies because they bring out the kid in us all. (via Chef In Training)

4. Easy Breakfast Pie: Also known as omelette pizza, this simple breakfast taster makes a great brunch dish. Serve up with a fruit salad and a movie for a mid-morning pizza night. (via Yummly)

5. Magic Marshmallow Crescent Puffs: Fancy and delicious in appearance and super easy in technique? Sweet! (via Pillsbury)

6. Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Breakfast Cookies: Let us repeat: Breakfast cookies. Just spread out, pile on, roll up, bake, and slice… generously, please. (via Cookies & Cups)

7. Pain au Chocolat: Do your best Parisian impression with these decadent Nutella croissants. Serve up with dark espresso, black tea, or your morning cup of joe. (via Yummy. Healthy. Easy.)

8. Honey Moon Rolls: Place these baked babes on a pretty plate or rustic board and practice your honey drizzling skillz. (via Our McWonderful Life)

9. Pumpkin Pecan Bread: This loaf is a perfect treat during those everything-pumpkin months. (via Pillsbury)

10. Crescent Roll Burrito: Tortilla burritos are straight up boresville. Swap out the tradition wrap for a crescent-roll-inspired roll-up. Sans salsa, these little minis are great for freezing and re-heating. (via Yummly)

11. Italian Zucchini Crescent Pie: This savory dish is as pretty as it is vitamin-packed. Garnish with fresh basil and oregano across the top for extra color, and take it to go for your next potluck side dish! (via Pillsbury)

12. Sausage ‘n’ Cheese Squares: A fun, stackable snack sure to be popular even when facing competition at the tastiest of snack buffets. Try different types of cheese to find your favorite combination. (via Pillsbury)

13. Dijon Ham ‘n’ Asparagus Roll-Ups: These fancy finger foods will refine Sunday game day. (via Seeded At The Table)

14. Herb Crescent Rolls: Flaunt these delicate rolls at your next dinner party. Everyone will color themselves impressed. (via Pillsbury)

15. Jalapeño Crescent Poppers: Forget the frozen food aisle. Make your own piping hot jalapeño poppers. Chow down and thank us later. (via My Homemade Life)

16. Chicken Tostado Upside Down Bake: Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you. This easy-to-make spicy bake is savory and filling. Did we mention it makes great leftovers? ‘Cause it does. (via Picky Palate)

17. Crab-Filled Wontons: A crescent shape makes it a snap to create that would-be wonton fold. (via Betty Crocker)

18. Hot Dog Pockets: These aren’t the dirty water dogs of your youth. Make these delights with hot dogs, vegan dogs, or polish sausage. If you don’t have a sandwich maker, just push it real good with a spatula. (via Crazy Adventures In Parenting)

19. Confetti Pinwheels: Stick these fun-colored pinwheels onto forks for prime nacho-cheese-dipping capabilities. That’s how we like to keep it classy. (via Pillsbury)

20. Buffalo Chicken Crescents: As if chicken wings alone weren’t already amazing enough, someone went and wrapped them in dough. (via Plain Chicken)

21. Chicken, Spinach, ‘n’ Mushroom Pockets: These veggie-filled pockets are a great way to get your days’ worth of veggies. (via Life Ambrosia)

What pop-tube creation are you ready to roll with? Let us know in the comments below!