This Company Will Make Plush Versions of Your Pet
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This Company Will Make Plush Versions of Your Pet

Though we hate to do it, sometimes we have to leave our furry friends behind when we travel. In this case, it can be comforting to have a little memento of your snuggle buddy. And that’s exactly what Cuddle Clones, a company that makes plush versions of your furry pals, does.

When Cuddle Clones’ founder Jennifer Graham’s beloved dog Rufus passed away, she made it her mission to realize her dream of making a customized stuffed animal that looked just like him. To honor Rufus’s memory, Graham built Cuddle Clones to provide every pet lover with the chance to have a permanent cuddly version of their pooches and kitties.

Even better, the company gives a portion of the proceeds for each Cuddle Clone to pet-related causes, including animal rescues and charities.

So what do you have to do to snag one of these adorable, personalized stuffed animals? Simply submit a few photos to Cuddle Clones via their site, add a few customization options such as eye color and tail position, then patiently wait for your new cuddle buddy to arrive.

Make sure to check out Cuddle Clones’ amazing photo gallery of all the plush toys they’ve created.

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