While we animal lovers do our best to adopt and support good causes, the sad reality is that there are still many stray animals out there looking for a home. So what’s someone to do who wants to help these abandoned animals? In the case of photographer Stuart Holroyd, the answer is simply waiting behind the camera.


Holyroyd, a native of Cyprus, decided to put his skills to good use and help the large number of stray and abandoned dogs in his neighborhood. By partnering with Bay Tree Rescue, a small rescue center for canines, he gave each hopeful pooch a glam-tastic photo shoot with the goal of increasing their chances for adoption.


The Bay Tree Project incorporates elements of fantasy while increasing awareness, funds and adoptions. Each photo aims to capture the characteristics and unique personalities of each dog. For example Millie, a dog with a hind leg disability, is transformed into a mermaid… or should we say mer-dog?


As Holroyd told PetaPixel: “The current stray dog situation in Cyprus is very bad.” He hopes that when the series is complete, the photos will be compiled into a book with proceeds going towards helping the Bay Tree Rescue Center.


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help this project, visit their Facebook page.

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(h/t Design Taxi)