True talk: Life with curly hair is not always the spiral-y perfection we see all over Instagram and Tumblr. It can be frizzy, fluffy and downright frustrating, which we totally get. But don’t let that get you down — those curls were born to be rocked, girl! Get a healthy dose of hair-spiration from the best of YouTube’s curly haired gurus. Follow their lead and you’ll look fabulous every day.

1. AndreasChoice: When we found Andrea’s YouTube channel, we discovered the hair of our dreams. She’s got plenty of uploads, but one we’re all about is her DIY Frizzy Hair Fix. More than three million subscribers can’t be wrong, right?

2. TheCurlyStace: Got short, curly hair? We’ve got you a guru. Be sure to check her videos out, especially if your curls are cropped.

3. SunKissAlba: If you find that your hair is tough to manage in the winter, you need to tune in to SunKissAlba’s channel. She breaks down a method of keeping curls hydrated, even in colder temps. You’re welcome.

4. Jadah Doll: We officially have big, blond curl envy. Subscribe to her channel to learn how to get your hair just as big and beautiful.

5. Ouidad: If you’re looking for hair therapy, a product line devoted to your hair type is a pretty good way to go. Their channel will walk you through techniques that’ll change your mane for realz.

6. Veronica Meza: Meet your new favorite singer/curly-haired genius. Veronica can serenade and style with ease and she is THE girl to watch when you want to channel your inner rockstar.

7. BiancaReneeToday: Looking to style your curls alongside your boyfriend/brother/best guy friend? Bianca’s channel is unisex and deals with men’s curls too for a double dose of hair help.

8. NaturallyCurly: The name says it all, folks. This channel goes over the do’s and don’ts of products for curly, kinky and wavy hair, so there’s plenty to check out if you need some guidance before heading to the beauty shop.

9. Beautycrush: These curls hail from across the pond! Though not a dedicated hair channel, there’s lots of styling happening on this gal’s page. Really, we’ll do whatever we need to do if it means we’ll get hair like this.

10. Aveda: Runway-worthy looks, textural techniques and in-depth looks at products are some of what you’ll find on Aveda’s page. We love their quick and easy how-to videos. Watch this before leaving the house and be ready to show the world that you’re #flawless.

What are your fave ways to get a dose of hair-spiration? Chat with us on Twitter!