Congratulations, you took the leap into pixie-land. You were fearless, bold and trendsetting. But it has been a couple of months now, and even though you have received a couple hundred compliments, your cut isn’t very pixie-ish anymore. Don’t fret, we know exactly how you feel! Every gal who has grown out her pixie had to face that stage. Emma Watson faced it during finals at Brown, Anne Hathaway reigned the red carpet and won her first Oscar during hers and Carey Mulligan owned it while filming Gatsby. If handled correctly, the growing-out-your-pixie look can be chic and youthful, and here are 10 hairstyles to inspire you along the way.

1. Fishtail Crown: If you haven’t boarded the fishtail train, now is the time. This delicate braid looks gorgeous, and gets the bangs out of your eyes. Daisy Buchanan would approve! (via Missy Sue)

2. The Fauxhawk: How badass! All you need is a good hair gel and your fingers. This hairstyle is great for girls who have thicker, straighter hair. (via Hairstyles Weekly)

3. Blunt Bangs: So mod! Channel a ’60s bombshell and rock a side swept bang. All attention will be focused on your Twiggy inspired lashes! (via Teen Vogue)

4. Twisted and Pulled Back: Emma Watson is undoubtedly flawless, and this ‘do is just as great. We love the visible bobby pin look, and the embellishment is just gorgeous. (via Style Bistro )

5. Twists and Braids: Running late? No worries, you could finish this look in the car! Just twist the hair closest to your face, and stick in a tiny bobby pin. Plus, every texture could rock this look! (via Pretty Designs)

6. Slicked Back: Sleek and sophisticated, this hairstyle can be reserved for an important meeting, or for a more formal occasion. Rock the smokey eye if you want more drama. (via Great Hair Style Tips)

7. Bandana Hairband: Rival Rosie the Riveter with this vintage look; all you have to do is tie a bandana to hide any awkward layers. So easy. (via Beauty in Insanity)

8. Voluminous Layers: We will never get over the fact that Genovia isn’t a real country, but the good news is that you can totally channel royalty with this Princess Di haircut. Ask your hairdresser for gradual layers to frame your face, and to put emphasis on your bangs. (via Allure)

9. Retro Curls: If your hair is long enough, use hot rollers or a curling wand to create bouncy curls. We adore Emma’s midcentury look; her bold eyebrows are so timeless! (via Beauty Riot )

10. Embellished Headband: DIY a gorgeous headband to get your growing layers out of your eyes. (BTW, how cute is Gennifer’s red pout?!) (via Huffington Post)

Are you growing out your hair? What are some of your tips for transitioning from a pixie to a bob?