Even though your office may be quiet, you probably find yourself occasionally struggling to come up with a good idea. Sure, you can write and respond to emails and do other simple tasks, but sometimes it’s not the best environment for creative thought. We know that creating a creative space is crucial to get your brain juices flowing, but boosting your creativity could even be as simple as changing your seat. You may want to consider moving to a lounge with leather couches and plenty of space for your next brainstorming session, according to a recent report.

Working at home

Land Rover, along with an organizational psychologist and the Institute of Directors, talked to 900 directors, CEOs and high-level managers about the best environments for creative thought — and the results were loud and clear. First of all, you need a good chunk of uninterrupted time, so hanging around the office kitchen or in a place where you can be easily interrupted may not be your smartest move. In fact, you may want to leave your cubicle or office altogether, as 18 percent of executives need to be in a big space so they can develop those big ideas. And even though standing desks are all the rage right now, this is the time to opt for a cushy chair or couch, as 36 percent of those surveyed need to sit in a comfortable chair to think great thoughts.

Also, turn off that music. Even though some studies have said listening to music can help you concentrate — after all, no one is more inspirational than Beyoncé — this survey finds that music does not spark creativity (probably because you’re too busy telling your co-workers to get into #Formation). Also, 27 percent reported that they need silence for real thinking productivity.

You may also want to consider getting out from under that harsh office lighting and into a room with natural sunlight. If your building has a roof with some comfy chairs, you may want to opt for that, as 41 percent of executives said breathing unpolluted air is great for creativity. Finally, though you may have a very pristine, modern office, throw a leather chair in there, or just a big wooden desk or table, as five percent said natural materials were better for thinking.

Not everyone is able to have all these different elements in an office space, but you may be able to incorporate more of them at home, so consider saving your brainstorming for after work. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy a new chair!

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