Happy February! The first day of this fetching winter month means a lot more to us than the Puppy Bowl — it means we can kick off two weeks of love-filled madness in preparation for Valentine’s Day. And how do some of the greatest love stories begin? With good old-fashioned puppy love, of course.

We brought in Brit + Co pups Turkey Temple and Miss Brie to share their story with us ;) From Tinder to their first kiss, we know this series of photos will make you smile.


It begins with the story of Turkey Temple, a happy fun-loving pup looking for love right here in San Francisco. In the very same city, the very fancy Miss Brie has just started getting settled in her new home and is finally ready to start dating. (What?! Bear with us — it’s worth it for the cuteness.)


Like so many singles in the city, little Turk downloaded a Tinder-like app to see if he could find the girl of his dreams. That’s when he first caught a glimpse of Brie.


The first date was awkward, at best. Neither of these pups was sure it would go anywhere.


And then, fate stepped in. Turkey was working the kissing booth (again, bear with us here) and Brie just happened to stop by. We’ve all been there — the random run-in with someone who we went on one date with. Oftentimes it’s super awkward, but in the case of Turkey and Brie, sparks began to fly.


Turkey found himself dreaming of Brie. Go ahead and take a minute to laugh at the fact that these two dogs are named Turkey and Brie — we know you’ve been waiting to make a pun about sandwiches.


And then, like a scene out of an ’80s coming-of-age movie that involves a prom, the two fell in love.


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