When you’ve been up until 4am studying for an 8am class, chances are you’re going to need a little bit of help to stay awake during that exam. We’re guessing it also means that you’re probably not going to have a leisurely morning where you can have a relaxing cup of coffee in your dorm. If you need that boost of caffeine to also be portable, invest in one of these super cute travel mugs.


1. Florabunda Mug ($14): Need a coffee mug to match your new Bando planner? Of course, you do!


2. Glacier Park Travel Mug ($30): Get that classic Pendelton blanket print with this mug that will also keep you warm and cozy, but in a different kind of way.


3. Kate Spade Mug ($18): Cold hands, warm hearts, can’t lose.


4. Leather Mason Jar Mug ($30): If your mason jar obsession is still going strong, here’s a way to use it on-the-go.


5. Wakey Wakey Travel Mug ($12): Here’s a mug that will help wake you up in not one way, but two.


6. Hot Mess Travel Mug ($10): Here’s one for when you really need some coffee after that Saturday night.


7. Wine Coffee Mug ($29): Welp, at least you’re being honest.


8. Forest Place Travel Mug ($25): When you’re stuck in a lecture in the middle of a super sunny day use this mug to help you pretend you’re exploring an enchanted forest instead.


9. Porcelain Travel Mug ($20): If anything is going to liven up your morning, it’s going to be this rainbow mug.


10. Bodum Travel French Press ($21): Want a French press coffee with all the convenience of a travel mug? Well, voila!

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