We all get by with a little help from our friend caffeine. But on too many occasions, time runs out and we can’t make a fresh cup of coffee before rushing out the door. And then there are the moments when we just want a fresh brew on the go without the expense of visiting our favorite barista. But now there’s an all-in-one tumbler that’s turning coffee making into a portable activity so you can get a freshly roasted caffeine fix any time.


Cafflano is the all-in-one tumbler looking to fix your coffee cravings whenever, wherever. The hand-mill grinder, filter dripper and drip kettle all stack up inside of a thermal mug that gives you the ability to become a mobile barista. The components of the mug are made up of a variety of tough materials that may make it even more durable than your at-home brewing machine: stainless steel, ceramic, silicon and polypropylene. So say buh-bye to that countertop space sucker and hello to this resilient cabinet/car/desk dweller. That mobility does come with a $99 price tag, which is steep but still cheaper than constantly cafe-hopping.


While this brewer is a multi-faceted “singular” device, it does take some work to get that coffee from whole beans into a perfectly brewed cup. First, you have to turn those whole beans into grounds by pouring them into the hand-mill, where you manually grind ’em up until they fit your liking — unless you’ve bought a pre-ground bag ;) Once that process is complete, take out that grinder, pour the grounds into the dripper and pour some water over the top. Then the brewing process begins. Once the dripping action is complete, take out the drip kettle and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of joe in the tumbler. One problem it seems the company hasn’t solved yet is what to do with the other pieces while enjoying that coffee, so bring a bag or container for the dirty components.

After getting your coffee making DIY on, prep some homemade creamers for that mug and enjoy a majorly creative cup!

Would you get the Cafflano and how often would you be brewing coffee? Let us know in the comments.