Cutting boards are not just cutting boards. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re also art pieces. And yes, you take a knife to those pieces of art. (You might want to think about hiding your tallywhacker right about now, Michelangelo’s David). We’ve put tons of cutting boards on the chopping block, and if they couldn’t hack it in the looks department, we severed ties. And what’s left for you below is the best of the blocks. Ready to feast your eyes? Let’s chop to it.

1. DIY Painted: Got wood? Get your head out of the gutter. We’re talking about a beautiful slab of wood that you’re going to paint into a beautiful masterpiece. (via Lovely Indeed)

2. Handpainted and Engraved Stars ($60): Sparkles on cutting boards, this is happening.

3. Zig Zag DIY: We’d never guess that these boards cost the DIY-er a whole $.50. Seriously, you can’t even get a pack of gum for that anymore. (via Lily)

4. Planche a Decouper ($88): Montreal-based makers, Objets Mecaniques, make these beauts. The handles are painted with a layer of white milk paint. Oh, and that ring? It’s there in case you want this baby to double as decor, which you most likely do.

5. Mini Color Block ($25): Ugly plastic cutting boards, you’ve officially been dismissed.

6. Breakfast Board ($175): We’re not really sure what a breakfast board is. But we hope it means someone is bringing us breakfast in bed.

7. Clouded House ($40): The only downside to owning this geometric wonderland of color is that you can’t put it in the dishwasher. But even our lazy behinds are willing to snap on the yellow rubber gloves to have it as a guest at our next veggie chopping sesh.

8. Movember Inspired: Even if you’re over the whole old-timey mustache trend, you’re probably on board with this. We’re especially keen on that little polka-dot number that looks like it’s ready to go on a vacation with you. Fancy campfire cookout, anyone? (via Projek Tila)

9. Geometric DIY: Cutting boards make for great housewarming gifts. You’re going to get major bonus points for making this one yourself. And you’ll probably be idolized if you bring it over already stocked with a well-rounded cheese selection and bottle of wine. (via Oh Happy Day)

10. Marble + Wood ($48): It’s a marble-and-mango-wood mashup, and we’re all about it.

11. Pimp Your Cutting Board: If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good IKEA hack. This one is by Ikea and for Ikea cutting boards. Just grab some leather and some rivets and get busy. (via Nordic Design)

12. Art Boards: Seriously, are these cutting boards or installation art? We’re having a tough time telling. (via Muller van Severen)

13. Brooklyn Slate: Slate is like chalkboard, but cooler. Because… well… um… because we said so. (via Trends on Trends)

14. Dipped Handle: Is there anything better than Plasti Dip? We think not. (via Teal and Lime)

15. Pimpa Boards: Aesthetically pleasing and useful, be still our beating hearts. (via Maya’s Loft)

16. Log Pile ($30): It’s not a wooden cutting board, but there are pictures of logs on it. Cheeky.

17. Zebrawood Fence Post: Okay, so in reality, this piece of zebrawood probably wasn’t a fence. But that would be one incredible fence. (via Sarah The Architect)

18. Slice ($63): Cross contamination is not happening on their watch.

19. DIY Heart: If power tools turn you on, get ready to get hot and bothered and for that heart to get pumping over this sweet little DIY. (via Henry Happened)

20. Plus Sign ($40): The “+” in Brit + Co. is totally honored.

It’s all aboard cutting boards in the comments below!