Just what is a yule log anyway? Well, the word “yule” is actually just an old-timey term for Christmastime, so a yule log is just that — a log burned in your fireplace in the spirit of Christmas. The yule log first went digital in 1966, when the WPIX channel in New York City aired a full-color, three-hour program that showed only a loop of a decked out fireplace burning to the tune of various Christmas carols.

Okay, history lesson over. Since 1966, the tradition of the digital yule log has gotten dozens of beautiful, animated updates thanks to director and illustrator Daniel Savage.

In its second year, Savage’s project, Yule Log 2.014 is keeping this tradition alive. He invited over 80 artists of varying disciplines to bring some life to their own takes on the classic yule log. What he got were 70 loopable films, each one better than the last.

Some are funny, some are adorable and they’re all beautiful. They all totally leave Netflix’s burning fireplace in the dust…errrr, ashes?

If you click on any video on the Yule Log 2.014 website, the videos will play back-to-back complete with the sounds of a crackling fire for endless holiday cheer. There’s even a loop option if you find a favorite. We’re definitely going to keep the site up in one of our browser tabs throughout December for an extra dose of digital holiday cheer.

Look through the animations and share your faves in the comments!

(h/t Cool Hunting)