Your guy can stop trying so hard to dress like David Beckham — it’s about to get way easier. Beckham’s effortlessly cool, classic, GQ style is soon going to be available for purchase via his own lifestyle brand with business partner Simon Fuller. Bust out the champagne.

While Victoria Beckham already has her own line of stores around the world, David Beckham has only gone as far as blessing existing brands like H&M, Belstaff and Adidas with his fashion sense for one-off lines. The goods of his new line are still under wraps, but there are some key Beckham style traits that we’re hoping to see.

1. Dapper Hats: We’re not sure how easy it is to pull off a newsboy cap like this outside of the UK, but we’re totally into it. If anyone knows how to accessorize in the most dapper way possible, it’s Beckham.

2. Classic Patterns: It takes a real gent to pull of plaids and argyles with such grace. And a gent, Beckham is. Hopefully Beckham’s line spices up the pattern game in menswear everywhere.

3. Elegant Accessories: Yep, you saw that right. You can wear a scarf with a suit and look like a total babe. Wide-framed specs are another accessory option for taking your look up a notch.

4. Studly Outerwear: A proper gray winter blazer and a leather motorcycle jacket take average duds into athlete rockstar status. Never underestimate the power of really good-looking, well-fitting outerwear.

5. Denim and Beanies: Sure, Beckham can totally rock a suit, but who doesn’t look good in lapels and a tie? This is where his style game really shines. We’re hoping his line has some beanies with the perfect slouch and killer denim for tops and bottoms.

What are you looking forward to seeing in Beckham’s new line? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Fashionista, images via GQ)