We’re not totally sure just how many tattoos David Beckham has in total, but we do know that at least three of them can be credited to his four-year-old daughter Harper. A few months back the soccer star, who already had his daughter’s name inked on his neck, added the words “pretty lady” to that existing line of script. And while Harper may have been the inspiration behind those two pieces, she was actually the artist for his newest addition.

david beckham tattoo

Yesterday Beckham took to Instagram to share a snap of a small stick figure permanently scribbled into the palm of David’s hand that was drawn by Harper. He captioned the photo, “Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy.”

david beckham tattoo 1

David’s wife, the fashion designer and pop star Victoria Beckham also seemed to be a fan of the new addition. She wrote, “Harper is a true little artist” next to a similar photo shared on her Instagram.

To anyone who has ever visited a tattoo shop with the hope of getting something scribbled on your hand, you were probably also warned about how quickly they can fade, but we’re guessing if this one disappears it won’t be long before Harper inspires another design for her pops.

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(Photos via @davidbeckham and @victoriabeckham, feature photo via Chris Jackson/Getty)