We’re all a bit nutty for the funny yellow minions from Despicable Me — Pantone even released a color in honor of the little guys. Looks like David Beckham is no exception (well, at least his little girl Harper isn’t). The famous footballer’s wife posted on her Instagram this super sweet photo of David’s latest “tattoo” courtesy of Harper Beckham with the caption: “Harper has just added to Daddie’s tattoo collection x happy Tuesday in the sunshine! X vb”


While this may all be some marketing scheme to generate hype for the new Minions movie, which premiered June 11 in London and is set to open July 10 in the US (which happens to be Harper’s fourth birthday! HBD!), we can’t help but think that it’s simply adorable. It reminds us of the cool dad who turns his kid’s drawings into tattoos. Free idea for you, David. All together now. Awwww.

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(Photos via Pablo Cuadra/Getty and @victoriabeckham)