We all know the importance of working out, whether you do it celeb style, with the help of your phone or with your kiddos. But a universal truth is that the harder we feel the burn, the more we sweat (unless you’re one of those goddesses who just glistens). And sweat stinks in more ways than one. The fix to better sweat and other lady problems is Dear Kate, the brand that is helping change the way you look at your underwear.

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Imagine if your bra and panties had the same properties as your favorite workout gear — they wicked sweat, were super breathable and had a leak-resistant outer layer. Dear Kate does all of these things thanks to a chemical engineer (!)-turned-lingerie designer who wanted to solve this problem for the most active among us.


Machine washable, affordable and cute to boot, these undergarments perform well under clothing (extra, ahem, insurance against a bad period day) and look great and stylish on their own as workout wear, since the collections run the gamut. There’s softer, everyday wear in collections such as the Margot and Ada and performance wear in the sports collection, including the newest Jackie Sports Collection. There’s even the plus-size Queen Fancies Collection. Take a peek at the beautiful (and sometimes hilarious, thanks to the ladies of the Upright Citizens Brigade) lookbooks and find the right collection for you, and then get shopping, girl!

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