We spend a lot of time discussing ways to achieve your fitness goals, but what about getting the family involved? Sure, your partner can probably take care of their own fitness needs, and if you’re cooking healthy meals for one it’s easy enough to expand that out to two (or three or four). That only leaves out one small thing — your kids’ chance to have a little fun and become more active. We know that starting a new fitness routine is much easier when you have a buddy, but rather than finding classes for you and your gal pals, we decided to look at healthy, safe and, most importantly, fun fitness classes and activities to try with your kids.


1. Yoga: Yoga is great for the growing body. All those stretches can help aid development and tone new muscles. Pick a kid-friendly class for some easier poses to get your kiddos started. A good downward dog at the end of the day will do you both some good. (via Yoga Vibes)


2. Trapeze: We doubt you’ll get any resistance if you tell your offspring that their gym class this year will be trapeze. Swinging through the air, you’ll build trust and some serious muscle. (via Washingtonian)


3. Tennis: It’s easy to start youngsters on this fast-paced sport, especially if you’ve already been hitting the courts yourself. Sign up for a parent-child doubles match to test both of your newfound skills. (via Optimum Tennis)

Diverse group of children in a dance fitness class

4. Zumba: Dancing, aerobics, loud and fast music plus bright neon clothes? How could kids (and adults) not love this class? (via NKDC)


5. Kickboxing: Does your little tyke have a TON of energy? Let them sweat it out with a kids’ kickboxing class while you take on some more advanced moves with your trainer or cardio kickboxing instructor. (via Ao8 Training)


6. Pilates: A strong core is the best way to support your child’s back, shoulders and legs, especially when they’re lugging around a heavy book bag all day. (via Time Out Dubai)


7. Rock-Climbing: Shimmy up that wall! Take a class together to learn the basics and torch some major calories. (via Sneezy Wheezy)


8. Cross-Fit: Even though the cross-fit craze has been called too intense by some, this kid-friendly course takes special care to protect muscles and joints while teaching proper fitness techniques. Psst, don’t tell anyone, but this is secretly the best way to get a taste of cross-fit before committing to the big leagues. (via Cross-Fit Goliath)


9. Bootcamp: Just like your own bootcamp classes, this outdoor training sesh will have little cadets running around, doing jumping jacks and pushing (mini) tires. A full body workout is just the thing to tucker out a particularly energetic tot. (via Bootcamp Ideas)


10. Dance: Let your kid’s inner ballerina — or hip-hop dancer, or tap dancer, or modern dancer — break free with some beginner’s classes. You can watch from the sidelines or practice the moves with them at home: We promise you’ll still get a good workout. (via Magnuson Athletic Club)

Are you and your family excited to try out some of these classes? Which ones are you most interested in exploring? Let us know below!