Let’s be real: Wedgies and VPLs (visible panty lines) totally blow. But when we first heard about Dear Kate yoga pants, which were made specifically so women could workout commando, we were skeptical. First of all, there’s usually that horrible center seam in yoga pants, so how could wearing them sans undergarments ever be comfortable? Second of all, ummm… camel toe, anyone?

But then we thought about the times our thongs rode up in spin class, about all of those not-so-subtly-picked wedgies during our five-mile runs and about that one time we went to yoga wearing granny panties because we forgot to do laundry the night before. (Fail.)

Needless to say, these annoying experiences made us think twice about saying “nay” to Dear Kate’s crowdfunded yoga pants right off the bat. In fact, after reading up on them, we’re seriously considering pledging for a pair. After all, we’ve already thought about wearing yoga pants to work, and we’d happily rock Lululemon’s stylish yoga line. So, this wouldn’t be the first time we’d be open to expanding our yoga style horizons.

Here’s the scoop.

Originally, Dear Kate only made undies. (Irony? Yes.) Founder and chemical engineer Julie Sygiel created Underlux fabric, a fabric made by combining one leak-resistant outer layer with two wicking and stain-releasing inner layers, to craft some seriously comfy workout undergarments. But after perfecting Dear Kate panties, Julie thought, why not create a yoga pant that acts like underwear but looks clean and stylish, too?

The result? Dear Kate yoga pants.

The key to Dear Kate’s commando pants is a small, breathable, absorbent, anti-bunching and anti-camel-toe insert made from Underlux fabric. This inner lining basically acts like a panty liner and leaves you free to go au naturale, whether you’re sun saluting, biking or jogging.

The yoga pants come in three styles — full-length, calf-length and shorts. (The full-length and calf-length pants come in queen size as well.) All styles are made to handle intense workouts, and no matter which look you choose, these pants will fit you to a T. They’ll never ride up or fall down, so say adios to wedgies, plumbers’ cracks and overall discomfort during your workouts.

Aside from function, these pants (which are completely made in the USA, BTW) also look great. They’re made from super stretchy, high-quality fabric that is slimming, durable and never see-through. And get this: It never pills. (Cue happy dance.)

Dear Kate hasn’t set a retail price for its pants just yet, but you can pledge various amounts on Dear Kate’s Kickstarter page and get the goods that way. Dear Kate started its Kickstarter campaign with the goal of crowdfunding $15,000, but as of today, has raised nearly five times that amount — meaning you might be working out commando sooner than expected.

Would you embrace going commando and trying out a pair of Dear Kate yoga pants? Let us know in the comments!