From succulent wedding bouquets to countless DIY terrariums, it’s safe to say succulents have had their moment. Give your garden or windowsill an upgrade with our new favorite houseplant that requires minimal maintenance: the air plant. Also known as Tillandsia or aerophytes, these plants offer greenery and a fern-like appearance without the hassle of soil or perfect lighting. Simply combine with a stylish planter and place it in a spot that gets indirect light and good air flow — that’s it! (Aside from the occasional misting.) The hardest part about taking care of an air plant is deciding on the perfect vessel. And whether you’re looking for a colorful, modern accent or a unique DIY planter idea, these 14 ideas are sure to get you inspired.

1. Geometric Style ($35): Spruce up an empty corner of your home with a single hanging air plant. A brass geometric holder like this will make a chic, modern addition to any space.

2. Neon Planters ($25 for 2): A set (or three!) of these vibrant planters will brighten up the look of natural green air plants; use a few to refresh your desk area or scatter them throughout a bookcase for a burst of color.

3. Living Wall Art: All you need are some cool air plants and a few basic materials to recreate this awesome string art planter. Place this art trio in a row on the wall of your entryway, or incorporate them into a gallery wall for an unexpected addition. (via Brit + Co)

4. Hanging Planters: Take your succulents to the next level… literally. A cluster of hanging glass air plants gives off a super chic, whimsical vibe. (via Centro Garden)

5. Boxed Wall Garden: Air plants aren’t just for hanging from the ceiling! Make a statement with a vertical garden full of air plants on your wall. (via Airplantman)

6. Copper Hangers: Make these gorgeous copper planters in just 10 minutes (yes, you heard right). They’re an ultra-cool accent for any living room or empty corner in your place. (via Brit + Co)

7. Vertical Garden: Decorate your outdoor space with an array of air plants in an open frame box with wire. You can create a feature wall above an outdoor dining area or add greenery to a patio wall or fence. When choosing the perfect spot, keep in mind that air plants do best in filtered light or indirect light. (via Decoist)

8. Hanging Baskets ($28-$128): Show off your new air plants with a trendy, copper-hued hanging planter. For a more eclectic, lush look, display a mix of air plants, succulents and ferns.

9. Coffee Table Terrarium: Get the best of both worlds by filling an elegant iron tray with succulents, cacti and air plants. A mix of plant sizes and textures will create a dynamic look that you can place anywhere from your coffee table to the dining table. (via Houzz)

10. Romantic Wall Art: Perfect as a gift or a colorful wall accent, this fun DIY shows how to make a series of string wall art pieces with mini air plants. (via Brit + Co)

11. Mini Planters: For an easy update, add a few mini air plants to a console table in your living room or entryway. They’ll provide a small pop of color, plus anything in mini-size is instantly cute. (via The Resplendent Crow)

12. Vintage Planter: An unexpected vessel, like this vintage goblet, provides an interesting, one-of-kind display for an air plant. For a budget-friendly option, use something from around the house or peruse your local antique shop. (via Design Sponge)

13. On the wall: Go for a simplified, organic look that lets the greenery shine. We’re thinking this would look great in an entryway or along the stairway. (via Houzz)

14. Quirky Terrariums: Swap out your old succulent terrarium for this adorable air-plant version! Click on over to learn how we made these whimsical creations with some old-school LEGOs and a 3D printer. (via Brit + Co)

How do you incorporate plants into your home? Share your tips in the comments below!