While colors and patterns are an essential aspect of any home’s decor, a little sparkle and shine is just as necessary. And since today marks the first day of June, we think it’s time to show you how to deck your home out in its fanciest birthstone: pearl. Don’t worry, we’re not talking strands of pearls hanging from the ceiling mermaid-style. The beaded kind is definitely more reserved for Gma, Ariel and some fun costume accessories. BUT mother of pearl (aka Nacre) is making a huge showing in the design world lately, and we are totally into it. From mirrors to flatware to inlayed furniture, these 15 buys will help bring a little bit of the sea and a whole lotta glam into your home.

1. Regency Chair With Yellow Seat ($572): This chair is *almost* too pretty to sit on. It would work great as an accent chair or, if you feel like spoiling yourself, an office chair. As much as we love it, that pricetag also makes us want to DIY it — all you would need is some (okay, a lot of) paint and our tutorial on how to reupholster a chair.

2. Solano 3-Drawer Chest ($1620): We think any room would be exponentially better with this piece in it. Well worth the investment, if you ask us. And remember — DIY inspo is free ;)

3. Flatwear ($38): Gold and mother of pearl? This Ariel-approved dinglehopper — err, serving set — would work beautifully at your next dinner party.

4. 2-Piece Largo Tray Set ($311): Every room needs a tray (or two). So why not bring a little pearl action like this into your space?

5. Knobs: Replace those boring old IKEA knobs with something a little more iridescent. These B+W ones ($8) and gorgeous gold gems ($14) are just a few of the many MOP options out there.

6. Mother of Pearl Shell End Table ($298): Who says pearl decor has to be neutral and soft? Pick up this bold end table to add a little ocean-inspired pizzaz to your living room.

7. Pearl Inlay ($1898): While this piece might cost a pretty penny, it is SO pretty. The inlay pearl flowers look as if they are growing right out of the wood. If you are going to invest in a piece of MOP inlay furniture, this is *the* one.

8. Boxes ($150): We can’t think of a better place to store all your bits and baubles than a pearl-covered box.

9. Coasters ($75): Go to the dark (pearl) side with these bad boys. They might be just the thing you need to add a little bit of beachy glam to your coffee table.

10. Cabinet Doors: This pearled-out buffet makes our hearts go aflutter and is a great way to hack some of the above pieces for less. (via House of Turquoise)

11. Cracked Mother of Pearl Mirror ($135): Yes, crackled mother of pearl is a thing. And we need this crackled creation in our bedroom STAT.

12. Mother of Pearl Accent Lamp Base ($99): Let your light shine with this iridescent lamp. Feel free to mix up the lamp shade with a fun color, or DIY one of your own.

13. Nesting tables ($698): With their gold-tipped legs and intricate patterns, theses retro-ish, geometric-shaped nesting tables are just pearl-fect.

14. Milano Tissue Box ($47): Tissue boxes don’t have to be ugly! A pearl cover like this one will make cold season that much more glamorous.

15. Side Table ($603): MOP inlay furniture doesn’t just belong at your fave vacation hotel; it also belongs in your living room or bedroom.

Do you have any MOP decorations in your home? Any great ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!