For collectors and beachcombers alike, sea glass is a prized commodity. It’s super exciting to find that smooth piece of colored glass in the sand, rubbed shiny by the tossing and turning of the surf. And with all the variety of colors, it’s just not right to shut it away in a drawer, or even worse, leave it on the beach. Check out our collection of 11 DIYs that put these colored bits of magic to good use.

1. Sea Glass Mobile: Oh hey, ombre! This gorg sea glass mobile takes a bit of time, but it is well worth the effort. And if you’re hard-pressed for finding enough ombre tones, the faux sea glass from the craft store works (and looks) just as great. If you don’t want to spend the time making this beaut you can buy it on etsy. (via Our Boat House)

2. Gold-Dipped Ring: We are pretty obsessed with gold-dipped anything, but this DIY has opened our beachcomber eyes. All you need are some ring bands, sea glass, gold paint and STRONG glue. (via You Want Me to Buy That?)

3. Wall Art: This project doesn’t care what color your sea glass is. Just use what you’ve got and arrange them like a puzzle to fill your frame. (via Creative in Chicago)

4. Sea Glass Pendant: They call it a “mermaid tear” pendant, but regardless of its so-called mythical origins, none of us would mind wearing a little oceanic magic like this every day. (via Francoise et Moi)

5. Photo Transfer Sea Glass: Transfer your fave insta photos onto some sea glass and use ’em for pendants, magnets or a mosaic art project. Whatever you decide, they’ll bring just the right amount of beachy and vintage to your life. (via Free People)

6. Mosaic Tray: Just imagine serving cold lemonade on your front porch with this beautiful DIY tray. We’re totally there. (via Sand and Sisal)

7. Sea Glass Bowl: All you need is some glue, plastic wrap and your glass collection and you’re in business with this simple DIY. (via Debi’s Design Diary)

8. Sea Glass Wind Chimes: Gather some driftwood along with your sea glass and get ready to catch the breeze on your front porch with this pretty wind chime. (via Home Sweet Homemade)

9. Sea Glass Bracelet: Pssst. She also shows you how to make matching earrings. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

10. Sea Glass Monogram: We’re guessing you could make this in an hour or two. Talk about the perfect weekend project. (via The Country Chic Cottage)

11. Mosaic Sea Glass Wreath: Whether you make it for Christmas or display it year-round, a gorgeous wreath like this one is too amazing not to add to your decor. (via Crafts ‘n’ Coffee)

Do you have any sea glass projects that you love? We want to hear about them below!