We totally get it — it’s really hard to focus some work days. Productivity, especially when you’re a freelancer or contract worker, can be brutal. Whether it’s working from home, from a coffee shop or (like us some days) from your bed, maintaining that work routine can be a bit tricky at times. Sure, there are all sorts of tips and tricks (and apps) for that, and everyone comes up with their own way of coping (putting on makeup, walking around the block, leaving the house, etc.), but sometimes you just need a truly mobile office. Introducing: Devide.


Invented by Rami Santala for his graduation project at The Royal College of Art, Devide aims to help bring “normalcy” to mobile workers through an efficient, succinct mobile office. We mean that literally too: Depending on how you fold it, Devide can be a privacy screen, a laptop sleeve, a stand or a even a work surface.


There’s also a bonus Bluetooth connectivity element that will start your work apps for you and shut down any you deem a distraction (sorry, Arrow Hero!). It will help you make those invoices more accurate, as it keeps track of your working hours, and will help you achieve more of a work-life balance. There doesn’t really seem to be a downside to this little guy. And as mobile workers ourselves, we hope Santala gets the funding he needs to make this a reality! Once his website on Cargo Collective gets up and running, we will be able to internet-stalk him and the status of this cool invention.

How do you keep your productivity up? Tell us in the comments!