It should be no surprise that we get some serious giggles over techie Halloween costumes. Whether you’re dressing up as a nerd, a robot, or an old walkman, we’re all about getting our geek on when it comes to Halloween. And now, of course, you can take it way further.

You can use your phone to create all sorts of crazy effects when disguised under a t-shirt, you can use a few devices to simulate a gaping hold in your stomach, or you can simply dress as your favorite device. Here are a few of our favorite ways to go digital this Halloween.

Digital Dudz: This company has developed a small collection of t-shirts and pockets that pair with their mobile app (Free for iPhone and Android) for maximum digital creepiness.

First, we’ve got the iWound. This latex pocket is designed to hold your smartphone against your heart, and the videos on the matching app include a beating heart, snakes, maggots, and a tarantula made to look like it’s crawling out of your chest. Yikes.

Next, Romney and Obama. These t-shirts have cleverly placed cutouts so that when you attach your phone to the inside, our presidential candidates’ eyes move around in a frenzy.

And then there’s Safety Pinned. This one looks insanely painful and is another great way to rock a t-shirt as your costume. The app features frantic eye movements and changes based on people tapping the actual eye.

Do-It-Yourself: Not sold on the Dudz selection but love the idea of incorporating your phone or tablet into your costume? Time to DIY!

This genius NASA engineer is the founder of Digital Dudz and happens to be the inventor of the double iPad costume. He took two iPads, attached one to the front of his torso and one to the back, and put them both on FaceTime, creating a virtual gaping hole right in his stomach. Amazing.

Or go really old school with the gaping hole costume and use a DVD player, digital camera, and a whole bunch of duct tape.

Dress Like Your Favorite Device: And of course, you can always dress as your favorite device. Here are a few takes on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android costumes that we totally love.

If your dog is as nerdy as Brit’s little Pixel, he might need to rock the ultimate Puppy Wallpaper costume. Amazing.

Going for a family or group costume? Why not be a family of different iPods? Loving the lil Nano.

Finally, a Working iPhone Costume. That’s right. These two dudes created a working wearable iPhone that responds to user input. They modified the software on a real iPhone to allow a live dual image output to a wearable lcd TV. Incredible! No, the touchscreen doesn’t work but the content and data are in real time.

And there you have it. Quite a few ways to embrace your inner nerd and go digital on your Halloween costume.

What tech-inspired ideas do you have this Halloween? Talk to us in the comments below.