Thinking back on childhood, we often feel nostalgic for the elaborately themed birthday parties we had. At six, it was Snow White (bobbing for apples, anyone?); at seven, The Lion King (so many Simbas running around!). As a kid, you may have wondered how your backyard was transformed into Aladdin’s castle or a majestic land under the sea. How did the magic happen? We’re going to take a wild(ly accurate) guess that it was your parents’ hard work :) Months of planning outfits, decor and an amazing Little Mermaid cake.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “My kid has a birthday coming up. What should I do?!” we’re here to help. Today, we’re teaming up with Disney•Pixar to bring you an adorable Dinosaur-themed party, All in celebration of The Good Dinosaur releasing on Blu-ray™, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere February 23! Yay! Read on for three adorable DIY projects to get your party started.


Spot and Arlo Puppets

Our favorite buddies from The Good Dinosaur are back together again. For this project, we’ve created some awesome templates that you can print out for all of the kids at the party.


Materials and Tools:

— Spot and Arlo printables (download them here!)

— scissors

— tape


Print them out and let’s make some puppets.


Above we’ve got the general folding technique. Cut out the square, then fold it in half vertically. Open it back up and fold it horizontally. Make sure to really crease the paper. Next, turn the image face down, then fold in the corners until they meet in the middle. You should see two little eyes! Now flip it over so the eyes face the table. Fold in all of the corners again. Now fold this piece in half so the teeth can bite. Put your fingers into the open flaps and form the shape.


To make Spot, cut out and tape on his wild hair. Also round the corners on the bottom section of the printable (his chin).


So fun!

Dinosaur Cookies

These ferocious cookies will be a hit at the party. To decorate them, let the kids go crazy with food coloring pens!


First and foremost, make sugar cookies and icing. Be sure to use a recipe for cookies that won’t expand too much and icing that hardens.


Use dinosaur cookie cutters to bring the party to life!


Once your icing is dry, add designs with food coloring pens.


Be sure to make a lot! The kids will spend hours coloring these delicious treats.

Dino Balloons

No party is complete without balloons, so we had to make some dinosaurs. These are super easy, but they make a huge difference visually to tie in your theme.


All you need is a little bit of construction paper and you’ve got yourself some floating dinos.

Materials and Tools:
 — balloons

— paper (colorful paper if you want!)

— scissors

— pen

— tape

— fishing line


Start by adding helium to your balloons. If you don’t have a tank, there are plenty of shops that will fill your balloons.


Next, draw legs, tails and necks for your dino balloons. Cut them out and adhere them to the balloon with tape. Tie one piece of fishing line around the base of the balloon, then tape a second piece of fishing line to the opposite end. Tie your two pieces of line together at the base, then display your flying dinosaurs around the party.




There you have it. All you need now is to pop in the movie for a viewing of The Good Dinosaur, perfect for the whole family to watch (even the other parents will love it!). Order your copy today at




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This post is a collaboration with Disney•Pixar.

© 2016 Disney•Pixar

DIY Production and Styling: Maddie Bachelder and Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre