If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the fact that Disney Pixar movies never cease to warm our hearts and teach us some pretty valuable lessons (yes, even as adults!). From finding true friends to following our dreams, these awe-inspiring animations have a way of making the world feel oh-so magical. Not to mention, Pixar characters are always cute AF. This year, take your love of Disney Pixar to the next level and snag some ink inspired by your favorite movies. Whether you want a tat that reps the bond between unlikely friends (think: Marlin and Dory) or you’re seeking a Disney tattoo that reminds you adventure is out there, scroll on and find your next (or first) great ink.

1. Up: Got a bad case of wanderlust? Whimsically show off your travel-loving spirit with an Up tat that tells the world you’re always ready for your next big adventure — even if that includes travel by balloons ;)

2. The Claw: Whether it’s in your career, friendships or romantic life, everyone loves the feeling of being chosen. Snag a tattoo that represents a high point in your life with an image of this sweet little alien being scooped up by the claw.

3. Remy: Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Whether you wanna be a chef, like Remy, or you’re contemplating starting your own business, keep this ink as a reminder that great things can happen to anyone with a passion.

4. Carl + Ellie: While many of us get swept up in the fantastic balloon-topped house in Up, let’s not forget that, at the heart of it all, the movie is a love story. Get a tattoo that honors your #1 partner in crime with a romantic pic of Carl and Ellie.

5. Sully + Mike: From fending off bad guys to daily laughs at the office, Sully and Mike are the ultimate animated BFFs (well, maybe they’re tied with Woody and Buzz). Pay homage to your ride-or-die chick with a tattoo that says you’ve always got their back.

6. Eve: Don’t let her cold, polished exterior fool you — Eve’s got a heart of gold. Give yourself a tat that displays your multifaceted nature with a robot ink that shows you’re more than meets the eye.

7. Sadness: Believe it or not, sadness is an important (and inescapable) part of life. Show the world that you’re not one to avoid life’s troubles with an adorable tattooed image of Sadness from Inside Out.

8. Baymax + Cat: Torn between getting a pet or Pixar tattoo? Get them both with this too-cute ink of Baymax lovingly petting a calico cat. Now the question is: Who’s enjoying this snuggle more, the fluffy feline or that giant marshmallow?

9. Squirt: You’re laid back and fearless — kinda like Squirt. Get a tattoo that flaunts your playful side with a turtle tat that shows life is a party.

10. Marlin + Dory: You and your best friend couldn’t be any more different, and that’s what makes you great! Like Marlin and Dory, you challenge each other to grow and understand the joys and sorrows of life. Snag a tat that honors your friendship’s solid bond with an image of one of our favorite unlikely pals.

11. Carl: Looking to add some extra charm to your adorable curmudgeon tat? Embellish your Carl tattoo with some watercolor detailing for a softer, whimsical appeal.

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