If you鈥檙e looking for a Halloween costume that will totally slay this year, we have you covered. We can show you cheap costumes for under $10, funny sexy costumes (yep, funny AND sexy), not to mention runway-worthy Halloween costumes if you鈥檙e up for it. What you DON鈥橳 want to wear is something totally, unnecessarily offensive. That鈥檚 why some folks are calling out Disney for their new Moana Halloween costume, saying it鈥檚 completely racist.


While most trick-or-treaters and those attending parties these days know that cultural appropriation is so not cool and cultures are not costumes, every year we still (unfortunately) hear about icky cases of everything from blackface to 鈥淚ndian Princesses.鈥

While, in this case, Disney was obviously just trying to create a costume looking like one of their newest characters, Maui, they ignored the fact that they came up with something very wrong. Some are obviously bothered by the 鈥渁llover Maui body tattoo screen art鈥 (these particular tattoos belonging to Polynesian culture), while others are offended by the darkened skin-tone of the suit.


Perhaps Disney should rethink this one.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Disney)