The age-old (well鈥 probably not quite) Halloween dilemma: Your punny sense of humor is dying to go with a funny Halloween costume, but another part of you wants to look sexy. Well, you鈥檙e in luck, girl, because it鈥檚 official: Funny *is* the new sexy. That said, we get what you鈥檙e actually going for, so we鈥檝e brought you 39 Halloween costumes that prove you can get freaky (in a weird but sexy costume way) and still wear those fishnets on Halloween.

Sexy Seahorse Halloween Costume

1. Sexy Seahorse ($149): Could this pair any more perfectly than with a Life Aquatic group costume? We think not! (via Yandy)

Energizer Bunny Sexy Halloween Costume

2. Energizer Bunny: Wow! Talk about a throwback to the classic ads. These days you don鈥檛 hear much about the Energizer Bunny, but she did a great job of bringing it to life as a Halloween costume. You鈥檒l be going鈥 and going鈥 all Hallows Eve 鈥 no matter how much you dance. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

Sexy Darth Vader Halloween Costume

3. Sexy Darth Vader: Surprisingly, there are tons of variations of the Star Wars villain. Some sexy, some not so much. This one falls squarely into the former category. The Vader mask adds a hint of mystery, no? (via Costume Models)

Sexy Grinch Halloween Costume

4. Sexy Grinch ($40): One major perk to wearing this costume is that you鈥檒l be keeping in-character by being an over-the-top grump all night. Salty can be sexy, right? (via Yandy)

Sexy Stormtrooper Halloween Costume

5. Sexy Stormtroopers: The thing is, your S.O. will probably looove this. We say go for it. (via reddit)

Sexy Takeout Halloween Costume

6. Sexy Takeout: Now we鈥檝e seen it all. Not only is this a costume based off of a Chinese food takeout container, but they鈥檝e legitimately tried to make it sexy. Are we missing something? (via Boredom Rage)

Sexy Rosie the Robot Halloween Costume

7. Sexy Rosie the Robot ($55): And so we meet again, Rosie. The world just can鈥檛 stop trying to make the faithful companion of the Jetson鈥檚 sexy 鈥 and who are we to try to stop them? (via Yandy)

8. Sonic the Hedgehog: Never in our lives did we try to imagine what Sonic the Hedgehog might look like IRL. Now that we know, we鈥檒l go ahead and say it: Those ears are dope.

Sexy Magic Dragon Halloween Costume

9. Darling Magic聽Dragon Green ($59): This costume鈥檚 name is pretty descriptive, but we鈥檙e struggling to see where the 鈥渄arling鈥 part comes in. People will definitely see those magic green boots from a mile away, though. (via Asylum Zone Costumes)

Sexy Barney Halloween Costume

10. Barney: Unbelievable. Just like that, all those sweet childhood memories turned to garbage. We obviously remember Barney from our childhood, but we never imagined we鈥檇 see a sexy take on the purple dino. (via Buzzfeed/Yandy)

Sexy Cowgirl Halloween Costume

11. Cowgirl ($80): Oversized cowboy garb paired with an itty-bitty denim get-up definitely fits the bill for sexy/funny. It鈥檚 comical and skin-baring. (via Costumeish)


12. Sexy Sonic the Hedgehog ($79): It鈥檚 hard to take this costume seriously! The pointed hood and the red thigh-highs definitely qualify this get-up for the funny-sexy category. (via Yandy)


13. Fashionable Game Uniform ($59): TBH, we鈥檙e not entirely sure what this costume is. But we have confirmed that it includes a 鈥渃olorful animal garment.鈥 For starts, does 鈥済ame鈥 refer to something you play or something that鈥檚 hunted? One鈥檚 thing鈥檚 for sure: It鈥檒l definitely be a great convo starter. (via EiiBuy)


14. Sexy Mime ($46): We鈥檙e in support of making the mime sexy, especially if you decide to make your Halloween makeup style center stage. If anyone is rude, you can give them the silent treatment and stay in character. Genius. (via Pink Impulse)


15. Sexy Gremlin: Sure, Gizmo鈥檚 cute, but those other Gremlins were terrifying! This sexy-scary-nostalgic-silly costume totally nails it. (via Buzzfeed)


16. Layered Fox: This costume takes the prize for weirdest of the funny-sexy costume collection. We鈥檝e literally never seen anything like it! (via Ice Fox)


17. Ash + Sexy Pikachu: We鈥檝e seen more than a few couple鈥檚 costume ideas using Ash and Pikachu, but this is adorable! Give Ash something to chase after, if you know what we mean. (via Coolest Homemade Costumes)


18. Sexy Avengers: All we know is that crop tops, cut-offs and deep V-neck鈥檚 spell S-E-X-Y. And yet, this is somehow leaning more towards the odd side of things. (via SomeECards)

19. Sexy Mummy ($40): The only crime this costume commits is making dirty linens look intriguing. Girlfriend can rock that wrap鈥 but let鈥檚 be real: Does she look like she鈥檚 in a body cast? (via Yandy)


20. Sexy Olympian ($50): With the Olympics just wrapping up, what could be a more perfect theme for this Halloween? Grab yourself a gold medal to flaunt and you鈥檒l have the sexiest gold medal-winning Olympian costume ever. (via Yandy)


21. Cheshire Cat ($70): She鈥檚 literally covered in a furry, hooded suit鈥 and still going for the 鈥渟exy鈥 look. Weird? Check. Sexy? 鈥heck? (via Yandy)

22. Sexy Hamburger ($40): Let us be heard: This will become a weird/sexy Halloween classic. Our favorite part is the sheer 鈥渕eat鈥 section right at the midriff. (via Yandy)

23. Sexy Pizza ($70): Forget the food, this costume is the new late-night staple. Plus, that crust acts as a nice head rest after a long night of looking delicious. (via Yandy)

24. Naughty Nun ($25): Don鈥檛 worry, we won鈥檛 tell Reverend Mother. Although this does feel slightly blasphemous. (via Halloween Costumes)

25. Cry Baby ($60): Yes, someone went there. Be disturbed. Be very disturbed. (via Yandy)

26. Sexy Watermelon ($62): First of all, watermelon in October?! You鈥檒l never look at your favorite summertime snack the same way again. (via Yandy)

27. Black Bear ($89): We鈥檙e maul over this. This claws are definitely giving us vibes more along the lines of 鈥渉igh five!鈥 than an 鈥淚鈥檒l claw you!鈥 Still, The Revenant basically ruined this costume for us. (via Halloween Costumes)

28. Cute Carrot ($50): They do say that carrots are good for your eyes鈥 so go ahead. Feast them. (via Yandy)

29. Sexy Mouse ($59): This costume officially makes naughty Mickey our new favorite mouse. Our only question is: Why not Minnie? (via Yandy)

30. Sexy Ted ($70): First of all, the scene from Ted where he imitates Hootie and the Blowfish (and all 鈥90s bands) is hilarious. Second, this costume is really, really weird. Basically, it rocks. (via Yandy)

31. Sexy Wolf ($109): This gives 鈥渂ig bad wolf鈥 a whole new meaning. Is that hair on her chest? (via Yandy)


32. Snowman Costume ($37): Olaf, is that you? This is hilarious鈥 and yet鈥 somehow still sexy鈥 Hmm. (via Yandy)


33. Goldfish Costume ($35): Wear this and you鈥檒l have an excuse to sport your best duck鈥 err, fish-face all night long. But, hey, we鈥檒l take any excuse to wear knee socks and converse over heels any day. (via Halloween Costumes)

34. Striped Clown ($100): Your worst nightmares have officially come true. ROFL. (via Yandy)


35. Sexy Donald Trump ($70): Oh, wait鈥 on second thought, maybe this is your worst nightmare come to life. If you want to also go around shouting 鈥淢ake American great again!鈥 while fixing your combover, that鈥檇 be totally acceptable too. (via Yandy)

36. Sexy Corn ($60): We never thought a yellow BBQ food could look quite this delicious off the grill. Meet a stick of butter on October 31 and consider it a match made in heaven. (via Yandy)

37. Rock Lobster ($55): To make this costume even weirder, we think we鈥檒l go for a cannibal-esque crab dinner while wearing this on Halloween. And yes, we will be wearing those pinchers through the whole meal. (via Halloween Costumes)

38. Sexy Rocket Babe ($68): We have no doubt that you will indeed create a lot of BUZZ when you show up in the party to this. Wink wink. (via Yandy)

39. Sexy Skunk ($109): The smelliest roadkill on all the highways and byways just got an upgrade. With the right perfume choice, the power is yours to break all stereotypes鈥 but remember: Smelly is not sexy. (via Yandy)

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