In between ordering cases of bubbly for our NYE bash and wrapping up those last-minute gifts, we’re swapping out our old calendars for some crisp and clean ones just in time for the new year. Sure, you can purchase a 2015 calendar, but if you want to ring in the new year in true DIY fashion, make your own using one of these kits or guides. Whether you’re in the mood for glitter or stamps, these calendars will have you excited for everything 2015 has in store for you.

1. 2015 Paper Source DIY Calendar Kit ($9): The sky’s the limit with this calendar kit, complete with 12 plain, offset-printed calendar grids. Snag some paint pens and let your creativity flow free.

2. Free Printable 2015 Year-Long Calendar: Color print this year-long calendar, and you’ll be set for all of 2015. (via My Strawberry Baby)

3. 3D 2015 Calendar: Creating this colorful 3D calendar is as easy as downloading the template, cutting it out and folding it up. This little lovely will certainly brighten up any office desk. (via A Piece of Rainbow)

4. Photo + Wood Calendar ($30): Make your 2015 calendar by uploading 12 of your favorite photos, then just clip the final product to a board made of beetle pine.

5. DIY Graphic Wooden Clipboard Calendar: We love the intricate graphic designs of these calendars, especially the triangle motif. (via Marguerite & Gribouilli)

6. Stitch Stars Calendar Kit ($25): Connect the dots with a needle and embroidery thread to complete this screen-printed constellations calendar. Glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss is included!

7. Gemstone Geometry 2015 Calendar Kit ($25): Not into astrology? Splurge on this full-color gemstone geometry calendar kit instead.

8. Instagram 2015 Wall Calendar: Instagram, PowerPoint and washi tape are all you need to DIY this wall calendar. We plan on filling ours with 12 of our best moments from 2014. (via Russet Wire)

9. DIY Embroidery Calendar Kit ($28): There’s nothing quite like threading “2015” across the top of a natural chipboard calendar. Whip this one together and you can show off your DIY skills all year.

10. Rubber-Stamped Calendar: Break out your stamp collection and grab a mini spiral-bound chipboard, because we have a cute calendar DIY project ready for you. (via Moon Frye)

11. Printable Seasons Calendar: This seasons calendar comes in three color options — we like this turquoise version best. (via Love vs. Design)

12. Paint Chip Calendar: Put those Pantone paint chips to good use by creating a bright and bold wall calendar. Go monochromatic or create a rainbow, whatever tickles your fancy. (via Say Yes)

Which DIY 2015 calendar will grace your walls this new year? Let us know in the comments!