As you’ve likely gathered from our ongoing series with Airbnb as part of the Views campaign, we were super inspired while shooting scenes for our book on location at two beautiful San Francisco homes.

One of our favorite things about Airbnb is the fact that every travel experience you have is totally unique. Whether you’re staying in a teeny tiny closet of an apartment in Greenwich Village or luxuriating on the California coast, no two homes are alike. And neither are the hosts! While on location shooting the book, we couldn’t help but take notice of unusual design moments in each of the properties we selected.

Next up in this interior inspiration series, we’re hitting the bar. Literally!

At this rather palatial Presidio Heights home, we became super obsessed with their bar. Instead of just being lots of bottles and mixers, this highly curated collection of vintage glassware is all about the little touches. A swatch of gold on the rim of a glass, homemade lavender bitters, and so on. To create a look inspired by this, we’ve rounded up 20 vintage style bar must-haves. Cheers!

1. Crosshatch Cylinder Decanter ($149): In two words, we’re obsessed. The crosshatched pattern on this is so on point — we kind of want to try our hand at DIY-ing a more affordable version!

2. Mid-Century Highball Glasses With Carrier ($150 for set): Nothing will get our goat like the whole glasses-in-a-carrier vintage move. These are a great thing to look for at your local flea market.

3. Mint and Gold Ceramic Coasters ($30 for 4): Could two hues be more perfect together?

4. Small Antique Gold-Rimmed Glasses ($20 for 3): These quirky glasses have a cartoonish look, while still staying totally classy.

5. Chevron Gold Drink Stirrers ($21 for 12): These bedazzled stirrers are the bee’s knees. Is it 5 yet?

6. Black and Gold Striped Ice Bucket ($50): Go for classic style with stripes.

7. Cradock Bottle Opener ($10): No, your bottle opener does not have to be a lighter your neighbor’s friend left in the hallway last week.

8. Mid-Century Aperitif Bottle and Glasses ($38 for 4): Ready to host the classiest cocktail hour around?

9. Beacon Gold Jigger ($2): Now I ain’t sayin’ [she] a gold jigger… ;)

10. Vintage Decanter Tops ($50 for 5): These tops are the tops!

11. Vintage Gold Starburst Glasses ($24 for 4): For a star-studded sip-fest (yes, sip-fests are now a thing), go for these stellar sippers. Say that five times fast.

12. Arrows Tumbler Glasses ($17 for 2): Maybe it’s Cupid’s arrow(s) talking, but we’re in love with these on-point glasses.

13. Turquoise and White Retro Glasses ($48 for 8): Dipped and striped? Trend explosion.

14. Rare Italian Cocktail Shaker ($75): If you’re in need of a classic shaker, look no further. This will age beautifully.

15. Brass Bottle Opener ($55): This sculptural beauty is totally a bottle opener. Win.

16. Gold Striped Antique Shotglass and Decanter Set ($48): More stripes! The stripes and gold thing is our favorite vintage glassware trend.

17. Cocktail Shaker With Recipes ($7): This glass features nine classic cocktail recipes right on it!

18. Numbered Glasses ($98): These would make super cute table numbers for a wedding.

19. Copper Bar Tools ($5-$7): Love the mixed metal look of this bar set.

20. Gold Leaf Cocktail Classes ($56 for 4): And finally, cheers to some bubbly!

What does your home bar look like? What unusual pieces of barware have you collected to make it yours? Talk to us in the comments below.

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