Winter is a pretty darn lucky season. Not only does it bring the magic of snow, but it gets to count Christmas as one of its star moments. When I think of winter and the holidays, I think of spending time with family, I think of sipping on a spiked cup of hot cocoa in Tahoe and, because I’m pattern-obsessed, I also think of nostalgic textiles and patterns like plaid, houndstooth and argyle.

Now, what does argyle have to do with Snapchat? Well, as part our Snapchat Discover Holiday Channel, we teamed up with the Google app to explore some very important holiday topics.


Before we dive headfirst into argyle, a little more about how helpful the Google app can be, especially around the holidays. The app makes it insanely easy to access helpful capabilities from your phone, watch, car or tablet. It’s as easy as… talking! With the Google app, you can talk to Google to find things around you, take action, fetch your stuff and get the right information when you need it.

Today, the right information is…. ARGYLE.

I’d be lying if I said that this project was the first time I used Google to image search a pattern. I actually do it all the time, and I love seeing all the different ways traditional patterns can be re-interpreted over and over again. If I’m about to make something and I have a pattern in mind, Google is a great place to confirm that the pattern is what I think it is, and also to see what others in the world are using that pattern for.


So, without further ado, here are five DIY ideas that are all about argyle.


1. Candy Scraps Argyle Quilt: How gorgeous is this argyle quilt? It’s made using scraps! We love the idea of taking a bunch of mismatched fabric pieces and turning them into a classic pattern. (via Coriander Quilts)


2. Felt Argyle Wreath: This alternative option to a traditional wreath takes minutes to put together. And you can do any color combo you like, making it a piece of front door decor that can last all year long. (via Craft Addiction)


3. Crocheted Argyle Bean Bag: If you’re a novice in the crochet department, we recommend starting with something smaller before attempting this beauty of a bean bag. (via Red Heart)


4. Argyle Pattern Market Tote: Preppy gals, unite! (via AttaGirlSays)


5. Argyle Sock Vases Hack: This quirky little vase hack is a fun way to dress up vases for a cozy holiday centerpiece. (via Homedit)


Looking for more argyle? Ask Google! ;)

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This post is a collaboration with Google.