You’re the BFF, sister or MIL of the mama-to-be. Baby day is coming up, and you’re in charge of putting together a majorly memorable and adorable baby shower. You chose the venue, ordered the desserts and even wrangled one of those three-tiered diaper cakes. The only thing left to do is make the favors. Not super artsy? That’s okay! You can still DIY the baby shower favors. Check out these fab favors that you can totally make at home!


1. Baby Yourself: A homemade sugar scrub is super simple to make. And, bonus, your guests will love that they get to baby someone other than their own kiddos. Mix equal parts coarse sugar and coconut oil. Separate the scrub into two bowls. Add a single-serve packet of pink lemonade powdered mix to one bowl and a packet of blue raspberry to the other. Now you have princess pink and baby boy blue (skip the color or use any other hue for a gender-neutral scrub). Spoon the mix into baby food jars, close tightly and tie a satiny ribbon around the lid. Double up the fun and use the favor as an “Is baby a girl or a boy?” shower game!

2. Cookie Cuties: So, baking isn’t your thing. No problem. Buy a package of Oreos, and you’re halfway there when it comes to this DIY baby shower favor. Melt a few white chocolate bars — you can do this in the microwave — and add in any food coloring that you want. Go with the traditional pink or blue, mix up a batch of sunshine yellow or keep the chocolate its natural shade. Push a lollipop stick through the cream part of each cookie. Dip them into the chocolate, and rest them on wax paper. Sprinkle, well, sprinkles on top. Chill the cookie pops in the fridge. Wrap them up in a clear baggie and finish off with a pretty ribbon.

3. Paci Packs: These favors are perfect to pack up little goodies or any other mini gifts that you want to send home. You’ll need some sort of jar for this DIY favor. You can reuse baby food containers or buy new Mason jars (any size). Attach a pacifier to the lid of each jar with craft glue. Remove the lids and spray paint them (the outside only) any color you choose.


4. Potted Plant: Sure, an entire plant isn’t exactly convenient for guests to take home. But you can still send home something green to grow (kind of like how the soon-to-be-mommy is growing something too!). Paint the outside of small-sized planter pots, wrap a thick ribbon around the top of each (glue it onto the planter) and fill up the pots with seed packets. Finish off the favors with silk or paper flowers. If you’re still in need of another shower activity, have the guests do the planter painting themselves.

5. Baby Bottle Batter: Okay, so you’re not so sure about your cake-making abilities. No worries. Fill baby bottles with a layer of cake mix, sprinkles, chocolate chips or anything else that would go on a sugary treat. Now the guests can take home their very own cake in a bottle!

6. Candy Reveal Cups: Mom knows that she’s having a girl, but the guests don’t. Have a gender reveal at the shower with a sippy cup surprise! Fill sippy cups with pink candies — or blue if she’s having a boy — and close them tight. Type out instructions, explaining that the color of the candy inside correlates with the baby’s gender. Punch a hole through each instruction card, thread a ribbon through it and tie one to each cup.

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