We love bracelets! They make it super easy to glam up your look. Just stack some thin, colorful bangles above a thick, shiny cuff and they combine to make an instant statement piece. And it doesn’t have to cost a mint. You can sew, twist, bake and glue together scraps of material and with a little bit of creativity turn them into one-of-a-kind arm art. Check out these 40 beautiful bracelets you can make yourself.

An evil eye bracelet makes a stunning statement piece. Natalie over at My Little Secrets used cord and chain and a rhinestone charm to DIY her unique evil eye bracelet. We love how it beautifully dresses up her summer tunic. Bonus: Maybe wearing it really will ward off bad vibes. Who wants bad vibes?

And don’t forget friendship bracelets. Sometimes the best trends to revive are beloved ones from our childhood. Fashions, diets, and Netflix reruns will all come and go, but your bestie is here to stay in the good and bad times. Treat her and yourself to matching DIY bracelets. Here are 17 beautiful trinkets for your arm. Give one as a gift or have a make-together get together. Just because friendship bracelets remind us of our teen years doesn’t mean they look it. Wristlets today have seen a major upgrade since our grade school days. They are ultra colorful and loaded with bling and studs. They look great alone or combined and stacked. Any one of these 14 modern friendship bracelets will go with everything you wear, from colorful boho dresses to a plain black sleeveless t-shirts.

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(Photo via My Little Secrets)