Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which can potentially make the biggest date night of the year even more of a reservation-making, Uber-catching nightmare. So if the perfect date night sounds better spent at home, worry not, lovahs: we have you covered with a list of luxurious, spa-worthy DIYs that will pamper you and your boo without the added holiday fuss. From edible body scrubs (oh yeah!) to intoxicating essential oil-scented candles, we’ve got the night completely mapped out for you.

You can get most of these ingredients at your local market and everything else online, which means you should have enough time to get your goods to DIY by V-Day, or you can save it for a surprise date night another time to make and give as gifts to your boo or besties. Even if you are not up for making all of these, pick one or two that will make Valentine’s Day 2015 one for the books!

Edible Chocolate Coconut Body Scrub


Yup, that’s right: Chocolate. Coconut. 100% edible. Skip dessert and reach for this delicious treat instead (jk not jk)! The coconut shavings paired with ground coffee will exfoliate your skin, while the coconut oil and cocoa will leave you with a bronzed body glow and a scent that is crave-worthy.



– ¼ cup ground Cocoa

– ¼ cup coconut shavings

– ¼ cup ground coffee

– ¼ cup brown sugar

– 1 tsp cinnamon

– ½ cup coconut oil

– 8 oz mason jar with latch lid (link help)


1. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl.

2. Stir all ingredients together.

3. Spoon into jar.

4. Top with coconut.


Pour all of your measured ingredients into your mixing bowl. Doesn’t it look like a mouth watering dessert? Mix all ingredients together making sure the coconut oil fully melts down into the mixture. It is not as edible looking but trust me, you are moving in the right direction. Spoon your final mixture into your jar patting down so there are not air gaps in the jar. Then top with coconut to make it look extra yummy! You can sneak a taste at this point. In fact, we encourage you to do so!


Sweet Sugar Honey Lip Scrub


“Sugar, ah, honey honey…” come on how could you not?! This concoction is simple, nothing short of sweet and exactly what you need to prep your lips for a little make out sesh’ with your boo. The honey acts as an emulsifier to the sugar that exfoliates, while the citrus juice that brightens and vitamin E oil hydrates your lips. Oh yeah, it also tastes divine.



– juice from half a lemon

– ½ cup coarse sugar

– ¼ cup raw honey

– 1 tsp vitamin E oil

½ oz tin containers


1. Add all of your ingredients into a mixing bowl.

2. Begin stirring your ingredients together.

3. Keep stirring until the honey is completely broken down.

4. Spoon ingredients into their tins.


Once you get all of your ingredients into the bowl, simply stir them together until the honey melts down and your mixture is consistent. Then spoon into the tins. This mixture will make enough to fill up five tins.


Aphrodisiac Blend: Sensual Massage Oil


Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to turn up the notch on a date night in with your Valentine. We did our homework and formulated our very own blend of oils that will turn up the heat by activating your senses as the aroma sends certain triggers to your brain to make you feel warm and fuzzy :) Grapeseed and avocado oil are great to use together as your base oil because neither one of them have a strong scent that will conflict with the essential oils being added.



– 1 oz grape seed oil

– 1 oz avocado oil

– 5 drops frankincense oil *helps to slow down and deepen your breath

– 3 drops geranium oil * is warming and balancing

– 5 drops ylang ylang oil *an exotic scented aphrodisiac

– 5 drops bergamot oil *has refreshing, uplifting anti stress qualities

2 oz mason jar with latch lid


1. Fill up your jar half way (1oz) with grapeseed.

2. Fill up the other half with (1 oz) with avocado oil.

3. Add the designated drops of each oil into your mixture.


You can measure out the exact ounces if you like, but it is totally ok to eyeball it; the ratio of base oils can be a little off without compromising the blend. Then add the drops of each into the mixture. Notice how the scent in the air begins to shift. Give it a little test on your hands… feel the tingling effect? Yup, it’s working :)


Lover’s Blend: Enticing Aromatherapy Candle


This soy-coconut oil candle is one of the simplest recipes you can find, making it a perfect option to DIY in time to set the mood for the perfect night in! Adding coconut oil to the soy base will help make the essential oils more aromatic and effective. This particular combination of oils compliments each other to create an aroma that will definitely have love in the air.



– 1 cup soy candle wax

– ½ cup coconut oil

– 5 drops ylang ylang oil *an exotic scented aphrodisiac

– 5 drops lavender oil * will relax, soothe and calm

– 5 drops bergamot oil *has refreshing, uplifting anti stress qualities

– 5 drops frankincense oil *helps to slow down and deepen your breath

small candle wick
8 oz tin candle can


1. Pour candle wax into a glass mixing bowl

2. Microwave soy wax

3. Add your coconut oil to the melted soy wax

4. Stir in coconut oil


Measure out one cup of soy wax into your mixing bowl and microwave in 30 second increments stirring in between each session. Continue doing this until all of the wax is completely melted. Then add your coconut oil and stir until it is completely melted into the wax.


At this point, you want to dab a little of the melted mixture onto the end of your candle wick and place it into the center of the tin. Once it is centered add another few drops of wax on top of it so that it will cool. This is going to help the wick stay in place when you pour the remaining mixture in later.


While you let the wick cool into place, you can add five drops of each oil into your melted wax/oil blend. Then go ahead and trim the wick down so it is just above the top of the can. Now you can pour the remaining mixture carefully and slowly into the tin. Let it sit overnight without moving to avoid any air bubbles or imperfections.


Romantic Massage Infographic

You are going to just love this! Our designer Rosee drew up the sweetest pressure point, romantic massage cheat sheet so you and yours can quickly become pros in the rubdown department!


Simply Pin or print this little gem out and get to it. Memorize the bonus love line spot… and just go ahead and make up what it means for your hottie. We won’t tell! Download it here.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share your best date ideas in the comments bellow!