During my second week as a Kit Designer at Brit + Co, I was asked to come up with a few DIY projects for the holidays. Naturally, I surfed some of my favorite shops and was inspired by this amazing Dresden Ornament Wreath by Terrain. I love everything about it, from the gold tones to the delightful woodland critters hidden amongst the leaves. Most importantly, I love how nonspecific to the holidays it is! I knew I could totally hack this kickass wreath with objects found around the office. What better way to leave a first impression with my team than to swipe random objects off of their desks (whoops!)?


From far away, this wreath looks like an amazing piece of antique home decor…


…but up close is where the real fun is! This is some seriously low-cost holiday decor. All you need is objects from around the house — the more random the objects seem, the better.


Materials and Tools:

– 12-inch metal hoop

– faux or real botanicals

– glue gun and glue sticks

– gold spray paint

– thin wire

– wire cutters

– found objects

Check the deep corners of your couch, your sister’s memorabilia box and your mother’s sewing kit to find your materials and let’s get started!


Start by laying out a foundation of botanicals along the wreath. Arrange the branches along the metal hoop and secure them with thin wire.


For buttons and similar objects, thread the thin wire through the holes as if you were sewing. This will help create a secure bond.


For any objects that are way too wonky-shaped to wrap, use your trusty glue gun.


The key to creating a successful wreath is to add layers of interest. Your guests will be drawn in to take a closer look, so go nuts!


We added a few numbers to create a wreath that’s perfect for a dorm room or front door.


Once you’re finished arranging, you’ll have an awesomely random mess.


Cats and jacks and dinosaurs, oh my!


To tie these random objects together, give your wreath two to three coats of gold spray paint.


For the final step, tie a piece of ribbon to the hoop so that you can hang your new wreath.


Be the envy of all your neighbors without breaking the bank!


The best part of this project is that unlike a Christmas tree or Christmas lights, you can keep this up all year with #noshame.

What found objects will you add to your wreath? Share them in the comments section below!

DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre