When it comes to getting ready for parties, we love to prep, plan and decorate for days. But, we don’t always have tons of time to spend creating a cohesive scene. So what’s a hostess with the mostest to do? Hack it! With a few leftover party supplies and an amazing fringe curtain (thank you, Amazon!), we turned a plain old white wall into a glitzy gold photo booth in a matter of minutes.

Gold week FTW!

 – 2 gold fringe curtains ($5 a pop on Amazon)

– gold spray paint

– props to spray paint!

 – painter’s tape

– X-Acto

First things first — props! We had a mix of leftovers from parties past including sunglasses, shutter shades, mustaches, masks and, of course, toy animals.

To prep your sunglasses, use painter’s tape to block off the lenses. Then use an X-Acto knife to trim off excess tape.

Now, spray paint!

While your props dry (they may need two coats), hang up your backdrop. We used two fringe curtains to create our space. You could use more curtains to create more coverage, hang a tapestry behind the fringe or a number of other things to layer your backdrop.

Once your painted props have dried, peel off the tape.

Look at all that gold, yo! #partytime #goldrush #goforthegold ;)

What are your favorite quick party tricks? Ever made a photo backdrop before? Talk to us in the comments below.