Remember your obsession with聽gummy bears? Well, the technicolor teddies of our youth that still give us major emoji heart eyes are back in a big, boozy way. Drunken gummies 鈥 AKA the liquor-infused variety 鈥 are taking over all the feeds, and for good reason. 聽The liquors are delish, and all the cute and crazy聽gummy聽shapes 鈥 from fish to worms to cherries to cola聽bottles聽鈥 are super adorable. You can make 鈥檈m for your next 30th birthday party, bachelorette shindig or any weekend. Scroll on for 10聽spiked gummy bear shots that will delight everyone at your next part-ay.


1. Classic Vodka Gummy Bears: This is the vodka-infused gummy that takes us back. Simple to make, it聽calls for just聽two ingredients: sweets and booze. They are cartoon-cute, to be sure, but beware, 鈥檆ause they聽pack a serious punch! (via Kitchen Mason)


2.聽Drunken Gummy Bears: These inebriated bears make us聽want to burst out laughing.聽They鈥檝e聽been soaking in vodka for over a week and have聽swelled up, but kept their shape. Pop them into聽a vodka martini聽or聽serve them up in a candy dish. Or, better yet, keep 鈥檈m聽hanging in the fridge for a quick little nip.聽(via I Sing in the Kitchen)


3. Gummy Bear Sangria: Remember聽when you聽couldn鈥檛 decide whether to eat them聽head or feet first? Our tastes haven鈥檛 changed all that much. If you are apt to prefer them聽wine-soaked these days, you will love this sangria. You could make it with red wine, but white will let聽the bear colors show through. (via Pepper)


4. Vodka-Infused Gummy Bears in Sangria: This sangria comes聽in the form of聽gummies that have presoaked聽in vodka聽before taking聽a dip in the pitcher. Gummy fruit flavors mix incredibly聽well with real fruit juices and fermented grape. Infuse your candies in the fridge for about three days, or they can be speed-prepped on the countertop at room temperature, if you鈥檙e going to聽need them the same day. (via Molly Yeh)


5. Champagne-Soaked Drunken Gummy Bears: While rose gold is all the rage, these Champagne gummies are super-classy, because they鈥檙e steeped in two kinds of Champagne: brut and ros茅. The dual infusion聽deepens聽their sparkling gold and rose hues. The end result is聽some seriously posh聽gummies for聽your most luxe celebrations. (via The Skinny Fork)


6. Boozy Gummy Bears With Whipped Cream Vodka: If a classic rummy gummy or vodka gummy is too strong for you, you might just fall in聽love with these whipped cream vodka babies. The mild vanilla flavor pairs well with the fruity taste of gummy candy. Serve them in a glass bowl to show off their little bear shapes. But watch聽out, 鈥檆ause they鈥檙e dangerously addictive! (via The Life Jolie)


7. Jack and Coke Bottle Gummies: How cute is this? Little gummy cola bottles are paired with their tastiest mixer. If you like Jack and Coke, you鈥檒l flip for these gummies. Don鈥檛 forget the slice of lime for panache. (via 1 Fine Cookie)


8. Rummy Cherries: These cute cherry gummies look and聽taste聽delicious soaked in cherry-flavored rum. Cherry-flavored vodka can also work, if you prefer聽a stronger liquor note. Bonus: Gummies聽travel better than bottles and make a great conversation starter at your next party.聽(via Inspired by Charm)


9. Swedish Fish in Gummy Vodka: There is a gummy-flavored vodka, and it pairs well聽with every聽shape of gummy. Swedish fish are a treat to the eyes as well as the tastebuds 鈥 the聽colors are perfect for all your summer holiday gatherings. (via Erica鈥檚 Sweet Tooth)


10. Vodka Gummy Bear Pops: What鈥檚 better than聽candy infused with vodka? Vodka-infused candy聽served up in a popsicle. Simply soak your gummy bears in vodka, then place them in popsicle molds and fill with a clear liquid聽like Sprite, ginger ale or even coconut water.聽This time machine is taking us back to our carefree past summer vacations at warp speed!

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