What do you do when you have a little extra wall space and lots of stuff to store? Install some hanging shelves, of course! Hanging shelves are great for small spaces because you can stack them as high as you can reach and fit them into the most awkward of corners. And most of them have such a small profile that they won’t make your home feel cluttered. Every room of the house has some little corner where clutter gathers, so it’s nice to mix and match different organization solutions that fit your space to a T. Take a look at these 21 DIYs that’ll inspire you to incorporate hanging shelves in your home.


1. DIY Hanging Plant Shelf: If you went a little plant crazy this summer, give your indoor garden a makeover with this mini hanging shelf. Adding a little height to your collection will make your plant corner look extra chic. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. DIY Swing Shelf: Bring a little organization to your workspace or bedroom with this easy AF swing shelf. All you need is a piece of cord and wood, and you can make this chic swing shelf for next to nothing. (via Brit + Co)


3. DIY Circle Shelf: This shelf will spin you round, baby, right round. Once you’ve finished making this beautiful round shelf, you can be sure that all your #shelfies will get the double tap. (via Design Comb)


4. DIY Cord Shelves: You’ll love how versatile this layered floating shelf is. Double up the storage with additional shelves and give your mug collection the display it truly deserves. (via Kodin Kuvalehti)


5. DIY Hanging Box Shelf: Why splurge on a fancy shelf when you can totally DIY one that’s just as chic for way less money? Materials needed? Rope, paint and a box. Easy peasy. (via Brit + Co)


6. DIY Round Hanging Shelf: Craving a little extra color in your storage? A hot pink rope makes for the cutest hanging situation ever, and this round shelf totally doubles as wall art. (via A Pair & A Spare)


7. DIY Hanging Plant Shelves: Whether you’re in a tiny studio apartment with zero floor space or just need a little greenery on your porch, hanging plants are the ideal way to get some life into your home without cluttering your valuable floor space. They just hang out, clean your air and look pretty darn awesome. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


8. DIY Boho Macrame Hanging Shelf: Combining two trends — hanging shelves and macrame — this DIY is one of the coolest ways to get everything you need in one sitting. Seriously, everything about this shelf unit is instantly Pinterest-worthy.(via Dr. Livinghome)


9. DIY Skateboard Makeup Shelf: This one isn’t for the makeup addicts. But if you’ve Kon Maried your makeup collection down to a few treasured items, this hanging makeup shelf might be just what your vanity needs. Who knew a skateboard could look so stylish? (via A Pair & A Spare)


10. DIY Leather Hanging Shelf: Everyone needs a plant in their home, and where better to put it then tucked into your gallery wall. The simple design of this hanging shelf gives a fun, modern twist to your walls, and it doesn’t take up much more room than an art print. (via Bre Purposed)


11. DIY Boho Hanging Shelf: Every bedroom or tiny living room could use a boho shelf table. This hanging beauty is lightweight and light on the wallet, so you shouldn’t feel bad about adding one to every room in the house. (via Chalkboard Mag)


12. DIY Hanging Rope Shelves: Rustic rope and unfinished wood boards set a minimalist tone that fits into almost any decor scheme — especially when paired with a few plants and your fave books. Turn that narrow wall into organizational bliss with a whole shelf unit that’s just begging to show off your carefully curated collections. (via A Pair & A Spare)


13. DIY Round Wood Shelf Plant Hanger: Add a textured element to your hanging pots by using a slice of wood instead of a board. The best part is that you can make it as big or as small as you want, and you can use a colorful cord or neutral twine, depending on your preference. (via Refreshed Designs)


14. DIY Hanging Bedside Table: Running short on space in the bedroom, or just looking for a budget-friendly way to add a nightstand to your guest room? This little hanging bedside table might be just what you’re looking for. (via The Merrythought)


15. DIY Hanging Plant Shelf: If you don’t have the space for a mini garden, it’s time to think vertical. With a board, some rope and mini pots, you can start growing your succulent collection or herb garden ASAP. (via Curbly)


16. DIY Hanging Leather Shelves: Light leather really makes that wood shelf pop. Add some colorful accessories and a brass planter or two and you’ve got yourself some stunning storage. (via A Pair & A Spare)


17. DIY Mini Hanging Shelves: If you’re renting, you know that every hole in the wall can count against you. Stop worrying about it and try this DIY. Hang a wooden shelf from only one nail with a colorful cord instead. (via Why Don’t You Make Me)


18. DIY Hanging Plant Shelf: Goodbye boring plant pots, hello hanging mini garden. How is this not on your wall already? (via Burkatron)


19. DIY Double Hanging Shelves: Sometimes it’s the simplest projects that make the biggest difference. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add some extra storage to that awkward corner in your kitchen or living room, skip the bookshelf for one of these uber chic wood bead shelves. (via Carnets Parisiens)


20. DIY Hanging Photo Shelf: Shelves above the bed are having a bit of a moment, but instead of shelling out big bucks for one, try this cute DIY. It’s a great way to get the exact size you need for your small or large space. (via The Merry Thought)


21. Pink Ombre Shelves: These pretty in pink and ombre shelves are a perfect upgrade from plain ol’ white. Add some decorative rope and spray paint, and (ta-da!) instant new shelves. (via Ducklings in a Row)

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