DIY Headbands in Less than 5 Minutes
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DIY Headbands in Less than 5 Minutes

Got a few elastics, some excess ribbon or trim, and 5 minutes? Then you’ll definitely want to up your style game with this super simple hack: the DIY headband!


– assorted trim + ribbon

– needle and thread

– thick hair elastics

We used an assortment of trim we had in our craft closet. Any trim or ribbon will do the trick!

1. Cut all of your trim to ___ inches long and cut your elastic in half.

2. Wrap one end of the trim around one elastic end and use a needle and thread to stitch the two together.

3. Repeat on the other end.

4. Cut off excess thread, and you’re done!

We did the same thing with 9 other pieces of trim. So much color!!

So fun! We couldn’t resist throwing a zipper into the mix ;)

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