Sure, you can purchase your holiday wrapping paper, but with your crafty prowess and trusty wrapping paper station, we know you’re totally up for a DIY challenge. After all, you’re already a pro at making your own floral wrapping paper, so why not try your hand at some candy cane, roller-stamped Christmas tree and book-inspired wrapping paper too? These 18 DIY holiday gift wraps will have your giftees oohing and ahhing at your presents before they even open them.


1. Inspirational Wrapping Paper: Just grab a sharpie and gold marker and scrawl inspirational words across basic white and brown paper. Jazz things up with metallic bows or sprigs of spruce for gift toppers. (via Walk in Love)

pom pom

2. Marshmallow World Wrapping Paper: Stick some colorful pom poms all over your presents for a quick and easy wrapping solution. (via The Paper Mama)

rubber stamps

3. Hand-Stamped Gift Wrap: If you’re looking for wrapping paper that will last long after the Christmas tree and Hanukkah candles have been put away, all you need are a few modern stamp designs. (via Cotton & Flax)


4. Foam Sheet Tree-Stamped Paper: Cut tree stamps out of foam sheets to create this understated holiday tree motif. Add some extra detailing with a few acrylic paint drops to give your trees some bright holiday lights. (via Eat Sleep Cuddle)

deer heads

5. Deer-Stamped Wrapping: We won’t rest until we’ve added some sweet faux antlers to everything. Not only is this stamp is super impressive, but you can totally make it yourself. (via Poppy Talk)


6. Chalkboard Packaging: Black kraft paper to the rescue! Next time you’re in a rush to wrap, break it out along with some white colored pencils and get to decorating. (via Going Home to Roost)

dr seuss

7. Book-Inspired Gift Wrap: We are ga-ga for this paper, inspired by How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s quirky, classic and will make even the most Grinch-iest among us smile. (via You Are My Fave)

polka dots

8. Polka Dot Wrapping: This is the easiest DIY project EVER. All you need is plain wrapping paper, a pencil and a white stamp pad. Seriously. (via The House That Lars Built)

name paper

9. Name Wrapping Paper: Cursive isn’t dead yet! Use acrylic paint and your lovely handwriting skills to create this personalized wrapping paper. (via Oh! Crafts)

metallic strips

10. Confetti + Glitter Gift Wrap: Glitter and confetti + double-sided tape = wrapping magic. (via Brit + Co)


11. Sticks Design Paper: They’ll never believe that you used twine and a simple wooden block to create this modern design. Add some blingy gift wrap and a festive pinecone, and you’ve got a present they’ll be ogling for days. (via House of Earnest)


12. Twig Paper: Carve out a twig design on a large rubber eraser and get to stamping. Then finish off your wrap job with a bit of twine. (via The Pretty Blog)

fingerprint lights

13. Holiday Lights Gift Wrap: Add a literal personal touch to your gifts with this finger-paint DIY. If you’ve got kiddos underfoot, this is an easy afternoon activity for them. (via Burlap + Blue)

potato triangles

14. Potato Triangle Stamped Wrapping: No rubber stamps to be found? Take an ordinary potato and transform it into a geometric stamp. (via Urban Outfitters)

roller trees

15. Roller-Stamped Paper: This DIY guide includes directions on how to create a roller stamp AND make roller-stamped tree paper. We just love this little forest scene! (via Handmade Charlotte)

candy cane

16. Candy Cane Wrapping Paper: Ditch the traditional red and white candy cane design and go for a modern combo like turquoise and orange to make your gift stand out under the tree. (via The House That Lars Built)


17. “Shake It” Confetti Wrap: We’ll definitely be shaking things up this holiday season with this cellophane wrap job. This version includes bits of colored and metallic paper, but we might add a few mini snowflakes for good measure. (via MinieCo)

brit co

18. Monogram and Washi Tape Toppers: Grab your double-stick tape and fave shades of glitter to make these simple monograph toppers. If you’re looking for a topper with a little less bling, we’ve got a washi tape topper for you too. (via Brit + Co)

What’s your favorite DIY holiday wrapping paper? Tell us in the comments!