When it comes time to buy a gift for someone, it can be a lot of work trying to find just the right present. You want to make sure it’s something they’ll want but also something they need. And cute. Yes, it has to be cute. The search can be long and hard but once you find it, you just can’t wait until they see it. You know they’ll love it! Until they see that leftover ripped and wrinkled holiday wrapping paper you dug out from the bottom of your closet at the last minute. Here are 18 floral papers to buy or DIY that will make sure the outside of your gift looks as good as what’s inside!

1. Printable Coloring Wrapping Paper: This one won’t drain your color ink cartridge but it might do a number on your markers. Color in this blank wrapping paper any way you’d like and create a gift that is truly one of a kind. (via Say Yes)

2. Fresh Floral Gift Wrap: Top your gift with a few of your friend’s favorite flowers and it’s like you’re giving two presents in one. Leave a little of the stem attached so the buds can do double duty and dress up her bedside table later. (via Folk and Fest)

3. Scandi Floral Gift Wrap ($9): Not only is this paper adorable, it’s also hand drawn and printed with 100 percent wind power and sustainable materials. This wrapping paper is the total package ;)

4. Print Your Own: Running late to the party and forgot to buy wrapping paper? Grab some flowers and leaves from your yard, toss them in the scanner, print and you’re ready to go! (via My Poppet)

5. Ranunculus Paper ($7): This floral favorite is printed with pure vegetable ink to create a design that is not only worthy of wrapping even the finest gift, it’s also pretty darn cute!

6. Printable Mod Floral Gift Wrap: Another at-home printable version, this mod wrapping paper will make your gift look so cool your friends won’t know whether to rip it open or frame the whole thing. (via Sarah Hearts)

7. Tissue Paper Flower Topper: Make sure your gift isn’t lost in the pile with all the others. This easy to make tissue paper flower will only take you a few minutes but still makes a statement. (via The Ellie Blog)

8. DIY Paper Orchid: With only four pieces, a glue gun and a pair of scissors, anyone can create a beautiful paper orchid. This one’s so good you’ll be counting down the days until the next celebration. (via The Ellie Blog)

9. Midnight Floral ($9): Rifle Paper Co. never disappoints when it comes to beautiful products, and they aren’t starting now. Orange and pink flowers pop off the dark background and the touches of gold make this wrapping paper one worth wishing for.

10. Double Sided Floral Bouquet Neon Diamonds ($15): This double sided paper will make for another surprise when your gift is unwrapped. The two designs are so different and unexpected but still manage to create a match made in wrapping paper heaven.

11. Floral Flare Washi Tape ($3): Sometimes a simple touch is all you need. Dress up plain brown paper with one of these floral washi tapes. And the best part? You’ll have plenty left over for next time (or for other projects)!

12. DIY Printable Gift Tags: Maybe full floral is a little too much for you. If that’s the case, these DIY tags will add just the right amount of sweetness to any gift. (via Packagery)

13. Vintage Floral Favor Box ($31 for 24): The best part about these adorable favor boxes is that you don’t have to ruin them to get to the gift. No piles of sad, crumpled paper over here!

14. Celery Rose Paper: Don’t throw away that limp celery in your fridge just yet. Use the ends to create this wrapping paper that will have your gift lookin’ like a million bucks. (via Daily Fix)

15. DIY Wildflower Seed Favors: Spread your love with this wildflower seed favor. Wrapped in a scrap of floral fabric and packaged with planting directions, your gift is sure to be right in season. (via Project Wedding)

16. Floral Punch: Grab those craft punches and get to work! Layered card stock and a bit of twine can add a dose of whimsy to any plain package. (via Giochi Di Carta)

17. Printable Floral Gift Wrap: This watercolor paper makes wrapping a cinch since there’s no repeating pattern to try and line up. Sometimes you just need things to be easy! (via Oh Happy Day)

18. Glengarry Gift Wrap ($5): There’s a time for bright and colorful and there’s a time for simple and sweet. On the occasions where you want to show off your dainty side, raise your pinkies and reach for this hand drawn beauty.

Which of these florals look the sweetest? Let us know in the comments!