Holidays are all about creating memories with your little kiddos, and DIYing those memories makes them all the more special. If you want to make this Easter the best one yet, spend a little QT DIYing the ultimate Easter basket with your little bunny. Imagine the look on their faces Easter morning when they see the treats you made from Cadbury egg recipes, the homemade Easter candy and, if you’re feeling really ambitious, the mini-me-sized DIY bunny pajamas. You can keep it simple with delicious sugar cookies or go all out with Easter-themed toys — the options are endless. Get inspired by these adorable kid-friendly DIYs below and get crafting!


1. Colorful Cookies: No Easter basket is complete without a bag of yummy treats. Decorate sugar cookies as a family for a fun holiday activity. If your kids are too young to do the decorating, they’ll love just using the cookie cutters to make these fun shapes. (via Tell Love and Party)


2. Bunny Treat Box: Make these treat boxes to fill with your candy or toy of choice. Those adorable paper ears will have all the kids at your Easter brunch hopping along, long after the treats are gone. (via Eighteen 25)


3. Bunny Egg Cozy: DIY these little egg cozies with felt and thread. They’ll make perfect finger puppets for some fun post-Easter breakfast entertainment. (via A Spoonful of Sugar Designs)


4. LEGO Easter Bunny: Impress the LEGO fan in your life with a bunny-themed creation to round out their Easter basket. You could even start a new tradition and bring LEGOs into all of your holiday fun with the family. (via Mommy Testers)


5. DIY Pom Bunny: This precious pom pom bunny is just too cute for words. DIY a few to add to any basket or Easter treat for your kids OR friends. All the better if your friends have kitties — just don’t forget the catnip. (via Ikat Bag)


6. Easter Carrot Bags: It’s always a good idea to provide delicious breaks from the sugar, but it’s not quite Easter without those bunny snacks. To get the best of both worlds, fill up clear plastic treat bags with crackers and create carrot tops with strips of crepe paper. (via Armelle Blog)

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7. Easter Spoon Puppets: These little guys will definitely add some height to your Easter basket arrangement. Plus, they make a great addition to any Easter-themed puppet show or game. (via Hobby Craft)


8. DIY Bunny Tees: Sometimes those holiday tees get a little pricey (or a lot cheesy… and pink). Create your own Easter-themed tees for the kids to wear so they can be fully decked out for the egg hunt but still let their littler personalities shine. Just imagine how awesome the photos will be while you bunny-hop down memory lane in the years to come. (via Mini Style Blog)


9. Rice Krispies Egg Treats: Rice Krispie Treats are a classic recipe to make with the kids. Make the treats using Peeps for a little extra Easter spin and they’ll want to make this an annual thing. Pro tip: Use a few plastic eggs to shape your treats, then throw them in an Easter basket or even an egg carton so your kids can gift ’em to friends or neighbors. (via Brit + Co)


10. DIY Easter Cards: Finish off your Easter baskets with adorable handmade cards. It can’t hurt to have a batch on hand to spread the Easter cheer to all your family and friends. Try giving each of your kids a pack of cards for them to sign and hand out to everyone themselves. (via North Story)


11. Dip-Dyed Marshmallows: These gorgeous dip-dyed marshmallows will add a bit of color to your Easter basket or dessert display. You can use them in extra colorful s’mores if it’s warm, or hot cocoa if it’s cool out. (via Sarah Johnson)


12. Minion Easter Eggs: You can’t go wrong with Minions. These little guys will keep everyone smiling and would make a happy addition to any basket or centerpiece. Plus the kids will love adding the googly eyes. (via A Pumpkin and a Princess)


13. DIY Rope Easter Bucket: You can make this super easy basket with items you probably already have on hand: a bucket, glue gun and colorful rope. Crepe paper flowers also add a nice finishing touch. (via Brit + Co)


14. Seedling DIY Bunny Mask ($20): With our easy DIY kit, kids can customize their own bunny-themed mask. It’s the perfect accessory for any Easter gathering, and might even inspire a cute little post-brunch play.


15. Tattly Temporary Tattoos ($5, set of 2): Simple temporary tattoos are an affordable and easy DIY to round out a basket of goodies. You’ll love the modern look of these, and the kids will love the cute bunny face.


16. Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars: You can never have enough treats for Easter, especially if they add color to your dessert table. Anything that includes Cadbury mini eggs makes for the ultimate dessert that even the Easter bunny will drool over. (via Something Swanky)


17. Balloon Egg Piñata: Fill up balloons with small candies and then inflate them for this egg-themed take on classic piñatas. When it’s time to pop the balloons, you know the kids will have the time of their lives. (via The Gunny Sack)


18. Easter Printable: If you’re in a time crunch, printables are here to save the day. Repackage your favorite candies with adorable paper printables, plain plastic pouches and just a stapler to tie it all together. (via Real House Moms)


19. Mason Jar Easter Basket: For a twist on a traditional Easter basket, fill up a mason jar with candy and top with confetti. Add bunny ears to the lid for a festive gift that your friends, kids, neighbors and even teachers will adore. (via Nest of Posies)


20. DIY Bunny Party Hats: Set out the essentials for these cute party hats so kids can DIY them while you’re busy prepping the Easter meal. Just make sure there are enough hats for everyone at the table, so no-bunny goes home empty-handed. (via The House that Lars Built)


21. Felt Bunny Favor Bags: If you’re not doing baskets this year, DIY these darling favor bags with just a few basic crafting supplies. The kids can use them to hold anything from Easter eggs during the hunt to festive toys. (via Hello Wonderful)


22. Printable Treat Cones: For another vessel to dress up your treats, print out the pattern for these cute cones. All you have to do is cut out the shape, secure it in place and then fill it with candy! (via We Are Scout)


23. DIY Crayon Roll: Accent your Easter basket with all kinds of crafting essentials, like a handmade Crayon roll and a coloring book. This is the kind of project your kids will have for years, and it’s perfect for traveling with on family trips. (via Kojo Designs)

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