Gals, it’s time to tidy up our makeup routines. We’re about to get our hands on all the amazing products coming out this season, and our cosmetic hoarding needs chic organization to rein in the crazy. We found 15 easy makeup bag DIYs for you to try — bonus points if you make a couple to gift to friends and fam for the holidays.

For Compacts + Palettes

1. Eyeball Clutch DIY: No sewing machine is needed for this project. You’ll just need a colorful canvas or faux leather clutch bag, a black Sharpie and a white paint pen to draw on as many eyes as you wish. Don’t forget to put a tassel on it. (via My Friend Court)

2. Block Zip Pouch: We love the roominess of this rectangular pouch. Choose your favorite coordinating fabrics and follow along this easy photo tutorial to spruce up your vanity. (via Minki’s Work Table)

3. Oilcloth Makeup Bag: Oilcloth’s slick surface is perfect for packing your skincare essentials because you can just wipe it down if it gets wet and it’s as good as new. (via Lia Griffith)

4. Z Palette: The beauty gods were oh-so-kind when the Z Palette came to be. Whether you hoard eye shadows, blush or bronzers or are looking to create a custom contouring palette to help streamline your glam routine, these magnetic palettes will make getting ready easier and that much more fun. (via Brit + Co)

5. Zipper Pouch: Super simple, no frills about it (but we do love that gallant horse print). Make this zipper catchall to throw in your purse. (via Fall for DIY)

For Eyes + Lips

1. I’m So Fancy Pouch: Are you in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo? We jam out to Iggy’s “Fancy” when we touch up our lipgloss, too. Keep it real with this graphic mini pouch. (Don’t worry, the printable has the correct lyrics.) Who dat? Who dat? I-G-G-Y! (via The Polka Dot Chair)

2. Zip Your Lips Pouch: With all those new lip looks to try this winter, you’re going to need a cute way to store your glosses and lipsticks. This pout-shaped pouch in hot pink is a top pick. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Leggings Pouch: Time to head to your closet for this project. This bag is made from a pair of zippered leggings. Gotta love DIYs that include repurposing. (via Michele Ng)

4. Hello! Pouch: Sometimes zippers can get stuck, but you never have to worry about that with our handy-dandy Velcro case. Check out our easy-peasy bag tutorial. (via Brit + Co)

5. Black + White Stripes: Somehow our lip gloss and mascara always manage to find their way into our pencil pouch. You too? Wrangle everything in with this sleek striped bag in a pattern that’s always chic. (via Transient Expression)

For Brushes + Tools

1. Brush Organizer: Makeup is the grown-up version of crayons, right? Your gal pals will be so thankful to get these brush rolls to keep their beauty tools portable and organized. Make a few to stuff their stockings this holiday. (via Art Gallery Fabrics)

2. Oilcloth Brush Organizer: This organizer coordinates with the oilcloth makeup bag above. It’s only natural we complete the set. (via Lia Griffith)

3. Ikat Pouch: Whether you’re storing eyeliner, lip pencils or actual colored pencils, you’ll be happy you made this ikat print pouch. (via eHow)

4. Mini Boxy Bag: All aboard! This nautical zipper bag is roomy enough to fit eyelash curlers, nail polish and a compact mirror for your maiden voyage. (via All Women Stalk)

5. Global Brush Organizer: Jetsetters rejoice. If your makeup kit is better-traveled than the average Joe’s, this geographic-print brush holder is your +1 for whichever journey you’re embarking upon. (via Anna Evers)

Time to makeup your mind — which one are you going to DIY? Tell us in the comments!