Alright ladies, it’s time to fess up. We’re onto your dirty little secret, or shall we say dirty little makeup brushes, and we think it’s about time we stepped in. We get it. You’re a girl on the go, with back-to-back meetings, a jam-packed social calendar and a million things to do, but let’s not forget the often-overlooked details. We’re talking basics, like flossing (ahem), dusting your apartment and cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. We’re not gonna rattle off all the reasons to NOT go for weeks without a good cleans, (bacteria much? Yuck!), but we ARE going to share with you our 15 easy peasy tutorials and tools that will inspire even the busiest of bees to keep her brushes squeaky clean.

1. 9 Essential Makeup Brushes + How to Clean ’em: Our very own makeup mama Misty Spinney will show you which brushes you need in your arsenal + how to keep ’em fresh and clean. Read, learn, repeat. (via Brit + Co)

2. How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally: If you’re all stoked about a one-step process and wanna go au naturale, grab a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s and follow this easier-than-easy tutorial that consists of you basically giving your brush a mini bubble bath. (via Gimme Some Oven)

3. Brush Egg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool ($8): Wait. You mean to tell us this cute little egg will help us get all that grime and grit out of our precious brushes? Sold! Where do we sign up? (via Hairspray and High Heels)

4. Laura Mercier Brush Cleanser ($18): We can’t think of one person who isn’t bananas over this stuff! Mercier is the Queen of makeup so why wouldn’t she be the Master-ess of brush cleanup as well? Oh wait, she is.

5. Instant Brush Cleanser ($12): If any “tip” seems like one too many, here’s your golden ticket. Thanks, Makeup Forever, for knowing that some of us just ain’t got time for that.

6. How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes by Parian Spirit ($23): Ob-sessed. Get your vintage glam on with these incredibly packaged cleansers. Yeah, that net at the bottom of the jar? Brilliant. This is the sort of stuff that makeup artists use to clean their brushes between clients quickly.

7. You’re Making These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes: Okay, well we can’t learn what to do unless we know what not to do, right? No more tsk, tsk, tsk for us. Lessons learned, and now it’s time to move on. (via Total Beauty)

8. Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove ($35): The mama bear of all brush cleaners, this thing fits like a glove (pun intended) and gets the job done right.

9. Precision Pore Cleansing Pad ($6) Need something for your travel bag? Meet what we like to call Sigma’s baby sister. She’s tiny, she’s cute, and she’s ready to clean some brushes.

10. DIY Natural Brush Cleaner: We’re gonna bet that you’ve got all these ingredients in your kitchen as we speak. And we ne-ver make bets we can’t win. (via The Beauty Department)

11. How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro: Makeup Geek has read our minds! How in the world did she know that we love to learn via video tutorials? (via Makeup Geek YouTube Channel)

12. Jane Iredale Brush Spa ($54): Dear Jane, how are you always thinking such brilliant thoughts? A spa for our brushes? Makes us wonder how we ever lived without this.

13. Benjabelle Brush Tree ($35): Wait, did someone say brush tree? Why do we feel like we are in a dreamlike wonderland? And we thought unicorns were awesome.

14. Japonesque Solid Brush Cleaner ($20): Anything made with goat milk is always welcome in our book. Gentle and travel friendly, this solid is packing a balm that conditions your brushes while it cleans them. And since there’s no liquid to deal with, you’re looking at a mess-free clean.

15. Lazy Way to Clean Your Makeup Brushes ($16): It literally does not get any easier than this. Sephora’s come up with individually packed wipes, no rinse needed. What more could a gal on the go ask for? (via Byrdie)

What’s your favorite way to clean your makeup brushes? Share your tips below!