Moms-to-be, just because your bump is growing doesn’t always mean your budget is, too. So when you’re done with the hassle of searching for wallet-friendly, on-trend pregnancy clothes, that’s when this list of maternity style hacks comes to the fashionable rescue! These 15 handmade maternity styles show you the range of DIY possibilities for repurposing the clothes you already have to fit and flatter your changing bod — or if you’re feeling extra crafty, how to construct a chic + stretchy garment from scratch. Trust us, once you scroll through these super stylish silhouettes, you’ll be asking your hubs to make a pit stop at the fabric store on the tail end of that ice cream run ;)

1. Jersey Tunic: Right out of the gate, THIS is how you make chic maternity style happen! You’ll be feeling like a million bucks in this terrific tunic that costs next to nothing to make. Add an above-the-belly belt to pull the look together beautifully. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Gathered A-Line Skirt: This full A-line skirt is both cozy (elastic waistline, check!) and totally cool (quirky print, check!). Toss on with a tee and you’re ready to tackle the day. (via Cotton + Curls)

3. Stretchy Pencil Skirt: The pencil skirt is one of those basic pieces your wardrobe can’t function without. And why buy when you can DIY? With about a yard of stretchy fabric and a little patience, you can create one of your own and boast bragging rights ;) (via Delia Creates)

4. Men’s Tee Into a Striped Top: Even your boo’s wardrobe is up for grabs when it comes to making the garb you’ve got maternity-ready. Plus, he probably won’t care you’ve reworked his basics when he sees how cute you look in ’em! (via Cotton + Curls)

5. Sun Dress: Staying cool, comfy and stylish in the summer becomes a serious challenge when you’re boasting a baby bump. The sun dress is your best bet, and this one is a real beauty. Make us one in every color, please and thank you! (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Dress-to-Skirt: Thrifted deals are the most fun — and even more when you can get two uses out of ’em! Refashion a thrifted dress (or that piece that’s been banished to the back of your closet) into this cute over-the-belly style skirt. (via One Little Momma)

6. Vintage-Inspired Swimsuit: Everyone needs a swimsuit, and here’s a very bump-ready DIY version that boasts some flattering side-ruching to boot. (via Cotton + Curls)

7. Belly Band: Growing bumps don’t have to be hard to accommodate with a belly band at bay. When that whole how-to-dress-a-baby-bump thing gets too overwhelming, you can always fall back on this flattering accessory that seamlessly pulls your top and bottom pieces together. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Wrap Dress: Forget those frumpy dresses that you’ll wear only a few times and want to burn post-baby. A nice piece of fabric and a bit of ingenuity are all it takes to create a comfy wrap dress that looks as if it’s from an upscale boutique. This dress is SO pretty that your non-pregnant friends will be devising a way they can fashion their own versions! (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Paper Bag Maternity Skirt: See, a “paper bag” CAN be totally stylin’! This skirt is so versatile: Wear it before, during, and after baby. And it’s reversible, which makes it one of the most creative pieces in your wardrobe. (via DIY Maternity)

10. Striped Knit Tapered Dress: Pregnant or not, this easy day dress is a stunner! We’re obsessed with the striped fabric, the pops of blue, the orange lip… everything! (via Cotton + Curls)

11. Maternity Pants from Your Fave Jeans: This might be the most important maternity style hack out there: How to turn your second-skin jeans into pants that will hug your bump as much as you do! (via Cotton + Curls)

11. Lace Top: Finally, a lace top that is the epitome of comfort, chicness AND versatility! So, why abandon it in your post-bump days? (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Peplum Top: A pregnant girl can’t have too many super-comfy knit tops, especially one with a trendy peplum hem. We love how the breton stripes give this top a preppy feel, though we’d grab a few different fabrics and go overboard with the color blocking. (via Cotton + Curls)

What are your go-to pregnancy wardrobe pieces? Share your favorites — even sweats and Snuggies — in the comments (don’t worry, no judging here!)