The maternity section: that drab collection of shapeless clothes in an array of pastels and bland patterns. But trust us, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need a makeover of muumuus and stretchy pants. You might even have some of the things you need in your closet already! Get creative with what you buy, shop your own closet (and your boo’s too) to pull off flattering looks that will show off your bump instead of hide it. Here are our favorite hacks and staples to help inspire you to get your wardrobe maternity ready — in your own style.

1. Cecile Wrap ($199): Draped cardigans like this look lovely worn unbuttoned over a fitted tee or cami. Bonus points for a pop of color!

2. Bellaband ($28): Extend the life of your non-maternity jeans with this genius pregnancy staple. Just pull it over unzipped pants for a magical (and comfortable) transformation.

3. Men’s Shirts: Yes, raid his closet! Make his shirts your own by rolling up the sleeves, adding some elastic or wearing them unbuttoned with a cool tank. (via DIY Maternity)

4. Empire Waist Dress ($86): Empire waist pieces and loose-fitting dresses are your new BFFs. A sophisticated look doesn’t get much more comfortable than this, even if you don’t have a bun in the oven.

5. Slub Tee ($68): Slub tees allow plenty of room for a growing belly, and won’t suffer from as much stretching as more fitted styles would.

6. Fashion Forms Bra Extender($7): The next year is going to be a bit of a roller coaster ride in terms of bra size. Up, up, up… then, most likely, back down. Push the life of your bras a bit further with these little guys.

7. Pullover Bra ($17): Speaking of bras, let’s make your life a bit easier (and more comfortable). Why should you relegate sports bras to Pilates class? Wear your fave with a pretty cami underneath a sweater or cardigan.

8. Everyday Tunic: Sign us up for the perfect everyday maternity look: a tunic and leggings. It’s an ultra comfy and feminine outfit whether you’re 4 weeks or 34 weeks. Our budget-friendly tutorial shows you how to turn a men’s button down into a chic, versatile tunic. (via Brit + Co)

9. Wunder Under Pant ($82): Stretchy goodness! Many non-maternity yoga pants feature roll-down waist bands, which are super forgiving as your belly grows. And with a fab shirt over them, they’ll just look like your favorite pair of go-to leggings.

10. Denim Therapy ($60): Can’t part with your fave pair of designer jeans that you spent a bit too much on? You need Denim Therapy. For real. This cool service will hack your designer jeans with an expandable panel, and get them back to normal after you go back to your pre-baby size.

What’s your go-to maternity style hack? Share your secrets for staying in a non-maternity wardrobe during pregnancy in the comments below!